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Beautiful, fun and really addictive!

Well, you did a really great job, but it's not what I expect from a clicker game. IMO it's a first person shooter.

As a FPS, I think it starts too slowly and there is too much smoke shown on the screen from time to time.

This aside, what you did is interesting. The gameplay and the lineart give a good atmosphere to it.


A truly good clicker. It invites you to click more until the line.

It just needs to handle when the tab is inactive. Idle games need to work even when the player is doing something else on the internet or on his computer.

GG btw.

The basic idea is really good (lub to bump that coder), but it involves too many click (otherwise I missed something).

I think your game is awesome:
- Really addictive;

- Playable in browser;

- Incremental mechanics.

It only lacks a clear goal to be a big release for the internet community, but it's just a little jam :)

IMO it's one of the best entries here.


OK! It's clearer for me now. I thought mills were for food (as Age of Empires ^^)

Also I thought the help tooltip was for pointing something on the map so I was kind of stuck...

That's right.
I did my best on my spare time to finish it for the jam.
I plan to add score, more kinds of ennemies and a better gameplay.

Thanks a lot for your review!

How to supply electricity to buildlings that need it?

Thanks a lot!
Gameplay is still a little clumsy because it calculates the bpm every 2 seconds.

I'm really happy you appreciated it.

I was waiting for it!! <3
'll give you a feedback :]

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<off>First, I want to thank you for this jam and your promotion initiative. gg. Fartóns forever</off>

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