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thank you very much for have played with my game 

i've get 3rd place on GDWC , congratulation for the winner and thank you for your vote.

for more information see this link

Grazie mille, sono contento che il gioco ti sia piaciuto e spero che ti abbia divertito come mi sono divertito io a realizzarlo. 

Thanks a tons❤

some artworks, support the game ^^

Last artwork for Zeta

my personal fan artwork i've made with Safron (from One Step From Eden) and Zeta (from Zeta Wave Infinity)

Amazing girls :-D

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New Release 3.0.2, enjoy with Zeta and Omega and have fun with Zeta Wave Infinity.

Fight for the best player in top ten!

Hi everyone, i've release the full version of the game Zeta Wave Infinity, the game is free, but if you want you can support me and the game with 3,00 USD.

If you support the game i've in plain to release some dlc with new outfit, new enemyes, new powerful weapon and new boss fight.

I hope like the game and enjoy for the best player on leader board on line.

thanks for playing :-)

Thank you, i've add the laser cannon too and rithm music movement :-) 

Hi Anistal, the demo is same you have played , in the event i will bring a new version with co-op two player gameplay , fusion mode 2p , two new weapons two new enemys and wave mode, i've improve some animations and the topten leaderboard, i've add setting with two joypads, stay tuned for update my friend ;-)

Very cool game ❤ , i've try it from my smartphone. Very very good , i like the retro system for movement and sound effect.

Congrats ❤👍

very cool!!

this shoot em up is very good, i'm very funny to play it!

Congratulation for amazing work!

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ok, thank you for your feedback , i've test the game with nocom joypad xbox 360 compatible.

can you tell me a brand joypad you used? i' try fix it

thanks for have playing , if you use keyboard for missiles and Zeta Bomb you must press numpad 0 and numpad 1 on keypad.

If you use the joypad , press right back button for missiles and confirm button for bomb

I suggest you to upload your awesome game on for more views, i want support it ;-D

wow, your game is awesome , very good job, i'm very funny play with it

awsome game, very very good!

Only word... thank you, thank you, thank you, with your awesome video i can fix some issue. and 'thanks to people like you who give me the charge to continue this complex project. The adventure will end with the fifth chapter, excuse for the bugs you may have found. You're the best my friend and i hope you funny play with She Be Free.

Hi guys, 

She Be Free project takes one year , to celebrate i've inserted luvatorrry dance in the game, i hope like it, four chapter coming soon!!

Enjoy with DOT, COMMA and BRACE with She Be Free

Song and Choreography: GUMI & Rin - LUVORATORRRRRY! 

Models 3D and program code by She Be Free game


Hi guys,

this is a trailer character presentation and transformation for gamerome, i hope like it!

stay tuned for update!

Hi, my friends

She Be Free is confermed at GameRome event to Rome in 21-23 November! For the event i've made this artwork, do you like it?

This is DOT Delta fly gameplay, stay tuned for update

Hi my friends!

this is a part of battle gameplay DOT DELTA versus BRACE, the battle and transformation is all in realtime meanwhile the player play it!

i would try to bring pure anime style in the game :-D

I hope like the progress!

If you want support my game!

stay tuned for update!



thanks my friend, i will try do my best :-)

I've change style on she be free, i've create neon effect and more!

I've add a new villain named BRACE in fourth section now in development, this video show a trasformation sequence of DOT in DOT DELTA

stay tuned for update!!

Hi guys,

this is my last artwork DOT summer ediction :-D , is not cute?

Thank you for all players, i'm very happy! If you like this game, you can view my campaign and discover the story of the game.

She Be Free indiegogo campaign



Hi my friends,

chapter four Work In Progress 

I hope like my game and if you want support it you can explore my crowfounding campaign on indiegogo

She Be Free Indiegogo campaign

Become part of project and share with your friends


Fabrizio Caligiuri


I've just started a crowfounding campaign on idiegogo,

follow tha campaign and support me 

Follow She Be Free campaign

other fantastic artwork made by tickey very skilled artist!

tickei artist page

support this game and help me finish this project ;-)

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artwork She Be Free

ah ok, thanks i got it ;-) thank you for feedback and thank you for played with She Be Free , i want gift you a artwork made by me.

Get DOT Freedom!!!

thank you for your feedback, i've just improved Dot animation Run , i post a update asap, for the camera move do you suggest?

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Thank you for Your feedback, i'm so glad you Like the game, but you have completed the game or you talk a music of character trailer? 

Dragon ball is super music The cover is made by Friedrich Habetler ;-) 

thank you for your support, you're very skilled player and developer, 

thank you again, i'm so glad you like my game.

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Thank you dude, i'so glad you funny to play with she be free

you're very skilled player and  i in the video you are arrive near first boss fight Q-BORG!!

In the game i've inserted four boss fight, you can beat them!!!

Thank you again and remember GET DOT FREEDOM!!

very good game, is perfect for mobile good job!