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Iron Baba'd Orphans

Does the metagame have an ending or a conclusion? I'm pretty sure I've gotten all the tools and played all the demos.

Oof, this felt like getting teeth pulled, and I'm cis. I congratulate you for having the courage and artistic boldness to transcribe these expereinces in game form. It's a powerful work.

Despite loving this game's graphics and aesthetics, I found myself incredibly frustrated by the level design- the main 'punishment' for doing a section wrong is being pushed back to a previous area, but since so many areas look so similar I couldn't tell where I had been put. Plus the 'worm' motion gave me severe motion sickness.

Accurate simulation of the gig economy.

Oh, I see. It's just an indicator of distance, then. Thanks for clarifying, I might be able to do it now.

Am I meant to be able to activate those green wires somehow? There's a lot of areas it doesn't look like I'm able to get to without them.

This game was surprisingly survivable! 5/5

I believe in Him

Thanks for the help! I'll try and find them there and... just avoid hitting the bumpers, I guess.

Any idea where they go in Windows 10?

yeah. where is it saving the screenshots?

Playing on controller and every time I hit RB, nothing happens but the game freezes and I hear my CPU spinning up. Is something supposed to be happening?

Looks cool, but every ladder so far seems to be broken.