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Hey this is a really cool game! The art is really nice, I like the particle effects. The controls are super tight and the gameplay is intuitive.  It definitely felt like my fault every time I died, so it was very much skill based. I think a cool idea would be to add a death count? Because I can see myself dying a lot lmao. didn't quite make it to the end (level 3 I think?) because I couldn't find the exit, so I think the level design could be better. 

Thanks for the kind words! I enjoyed drawing all the pixel art, and I'm glad you appreciate it. It is a bit of a shame that I didn't update it post-deadline but the reason for that was the implementation for the rhythmic gameplay (jumping, beats, bpm, etc) like all of it wasn't done in a way that I was satisfied with, so to me updating it is kind of fixing a lost cause. I'd rather spend time learning more for the next game jam :P Anyways, thank you so much for the feedback!

Yeah I agree. Kind of bummed at the turnout, but a great learning experience nonetheless. Definitely an idea I'll revisit. I'll start over but keep the concept in mind.

Yeah I feel like a lot of people get stuck at that part, probably because you need to jump on the off beat, which is not something really explicitly taught to the player or even intuitive. The vines are weird because the collider appears before the animation does, so the player can be hit by the vine that might not even be there yet. Anyways, thank you so much for reacting to and playing my game! Really enjoyed your feedback.

Haha really enjoyed watching you react to my game! Thanks for the feature :D

Wow thank you so much for the great feedback! Will check out your game in a bit. About the immunity, there is a bit of immunity I think, or at least what I thought I programmed, since the player goes transparent for a bit, but I think something got lost and didn't end up working as intended, but I completely get what you mean.

As for the wall jump, you are spot on. It's just whenever the player collides with the wall, not necessarily the bottom of the player colliding with the wall. This can be fixed with an additional collider for the bottom of the player, or some sort of raycast, and was an issue I was aware of when I submitted the game haha. Decided to let it slide because there were more important things to fix at the time.

Really appreciate the kind words! I don't really intend on working on this anymore, because it's way too deep in design flaws and bad coding implementation that I might be better off starting over, but with a similar concept, which is something I intend to do eventually, perhaps for another game jam :P

Also yeah, you do lose health for not jumping on beat. I should make that feedback more clear to the player XD game feels a bit like it's cheating you with all the weird animations and music.

Yes I completely agree. This honestly didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, and I think the problem arises from the fact that the music and animations are not well synced, and the music isn't very engaging (or even consistent in tempo sometimes, since it relies on the update function in Unity which can lag sometimes) so it feels like the game cheats you a bit. Huge learning experience though, so I hope to make a better rhythm game in the future. Thank you so much for your feedback though!

Oh man this is so funny. XD watching someone actually play through my game makes all the design flaws in the levels shine through. Haha I was cringing so hard because I didn't realize how difficult this game was! By far the most useful feedback. Thank you so much for posting this! :D

Played it for the first time earlier today. Super glad I did! XD really enjoyed this entry.

yeah lol i saw that little popup. I'm alright with that XD

This is such a unique game! Really tests your ears. I thought I wasn't tone deaf but then I played this game. Maybe it's the stress of the spiders and ghost that's freaking me out a bit. :P

Haha yeah it's hard to judge the level's difficulty when I've been testing it for ages... The trick is to jump off the beat before the vine shoots out, then use a second jump to land safely on the other side.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Yeah I see what you mean. I think this was caused by the fact that the vines take a little bit of time to actually pop up, whereas the box collider for the damage shows up instantaneously.  Thanks for taking the time to play it! How far did you end up getting?