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Hello, "MayraG" is great, thank you!

Thank you so much!

I'm glad to hear that! Thanks.

Pretty interesting. I started it out thinking it was a little too easy, but the difficulty increased smoothly. Well done.

Amazing game! Got me really invested and had a lot of fun!

It took me way more time than I'd like to admit to figure this out, but overall, amazing concept. Lovely story and music. Nice job!

Quite an interesting game. It keeps things simple enough but got me really invested and immerse. Nice game!

I think the game file is missing...

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Great, already did!

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Hello, everyone! I'm a little late into the jam, but excited to join!

I'm a music composer, and I'm looking for a team to work with.

You can check some of my music here:

and here:

You can also check out my profile here on MaySama -

Looking forward to working in this jam! 

Thanks a lot! That's a pretty good suggestion, I'll definitely keep that in mind! 😁

Thanks 😁

Hello, I've purchased the pro version on steam, but I can't seem to find the nightly build to download in there. Could you help me with that?

Sad to hear you don't like it, but it is free, you only have to pay if you do not wish to credit me 😊

Great, just did!

Hello, I'm a music composer and sound designer, and I would love to join your team. I've sent you a discord invite. 

Here's some of my work:

They're really great! Loved it!


Nice job!

Nice characters!

Nice pack!

Nice job!

Cute! 🙂

Glad to know! 😊

Wow, thanks a lot! 😊

Nice pack!

Thanks! Well, I often think about the ocean when trying to make something peaceful, so maybe the music ended up with some ocean vibes 😊

Loved it!

Really great job!

Nice job! :3

They're so cute 😍

Really like your characters!

Really nice character!

Cute character! :3

Thanks a lot, that's what I had in mind! 😊