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You added it, thank you!

Lovely game, and I really like how you came up with something that uses the fractal tech perfectly!

Is there any chance that you could add a "Continue" option to the main menu, though? I completed two-thirds of the stages and needed to stop, and when I came back as far as I can tell I have to start over from the beginning.

You may be missing OpenAL, which was another problem with the old version -- try installing it manually. Download the Windows installer from here:

It's likely that this version of the game will only work with Windows 10. But if you only have Windows 7, you can still play the older version available here:

It's very similar to the current version -- the only real changes are some bugfixes and balance tweaks.

Neon Galaxy community · Created a new topic Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting notes:

1. If your gamepad isn’t working properly while running in windowed mode, make sure the game window has focus.

2. If you are one of the people who helped me test this game years and years ago and you’re still using the same computer, you may see your gamepad misbehaving due to loading the old config file. You should delete the old config save file located in Users\[YOU]\AppData\Roaming\Mayfly Studio\Neon Galaxy\Save.bin, and then the correct defaults will be set.

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If you're one of the three people on Earth who played the old version of this game, here's the change notes.


  • Fixed Windows 10 framerate issues.
  • Fixed spurious OpenAL-related startup failures.
  • Fixed OpenAL assert when adjusting sound volume after playing the game.


  • Fullscreen mode now uses a maximized borderless window instead of changing screen resolutions (but requires restarting the game.)
  • The game window will no longer be cut off when running in fullscreen mode on monitors with unexpected aspect ratios.
  • Bloom effects are less overwhelming in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed graphical artifacts on triangle seams when antialiasing is on.


  • Added warning message when the player takes too long to complete a level and Hunter-Killers start to spawn.
  • In addition to stunning enemies, smart bombs now grant 5 seconds of invincibility.
  • Ordinary powerup storage containers now have a very, very small chance of dropping rare items, and there is a slightly higher chance of encountering rare powerup containers in World 1.
  • Slight improvement to loot on the secret level.


  • Fixed bad joypad defaults for Xbox 360 controllers.
  • Tweaked default volume settings.