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Good afternoon, thank you very much for the time spent in this game.

Please understand that this version is outdated and you will not be able to play the latest version for the time being.

Even so, if you allow me, I would like you to tell me what part of the video game you do not like?

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didnapper 2 will be able to be enjoyed in Spanish? : D

Hi, I've been following you since 1 didnapper and I say that I love their games but ...
I do not know English and their games do not have translation, why do not they translate their games ?, that would help them to expand in many places more ... in didnapper 1 I thought they did not do it because it was their first game (or one of the first), but seeing the potential they have, I was very intrigued not to be able to play their games comfortably because they do not have a translation. I just wanted to ask you to get translation for the game. :), thanks for your efforts. (I am from South America)