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working on that! thanks

thx!! :)

thanks for the feedback. Appreciate that you mentioned the small details I build in!


thanks for the feedback. Actually the storylines in the background have the topic of how less can be more :)

thanks fpr the feedback

thanks for the feedback

thanks for the feedback

update dropping on saturday will fix that hopefully

update dropping on saturday after the jam!

I ve prepared an update for after the jam. It will drop on saturday and should fix that

thanks i will look into it

I am looking into that. After the jam has ended I will update the game :)


Thank you so much!

Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks !

Thanks I am working on fixing that :)

I am currently looking into this. Thanks for the positive feedback :)

Thanks man! Im glad you like it :)

super hard but cool idea

nice idea but the game feels very clunky. the art is great though and the music fits well.

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Really challenging game. You should definetly make a tutorial on how to play but the idea is super unique and the art style fits really well. :) consider playing "A GAMEDEVELOPERS TALE" by me as well :)

Cool mechanic with the jumping but the game is so buggy and the music is definetly stolen from brackeys haha. Also i got stuck at the beginning...

Nice idea but it definetly needs some polishing...

bruh the game literally doesnt load at all... sorry bro

Cool game, made me laugh! Interesting art style and nice audio. 

A few bugs but thats okay. 

Wow ! Such a fun game! I like the chat bubbles, the art style fits really well and the music sounds great! Good job :)

Also consider playing "a gamedevelopers tale" by me :)

I enjoyed playing your game. The visuals are great and the character customization is well implemented. Only the combat is not so well. In my opinion the player moves way to slow and clunky. Also the enemies are faster than the player which is always a gamebreaker and should be avoided. 

All in all a great game especially the title :)

Consider palying " a gamedevelopers tale" by me as well :)

Looks super nice and the music fits. The controls are a bit difficult especially combat. Your page here is looking good. However I think the game does not fit to the jam theme. Nevertheless a cool game :)

Consider checking out " a gamedevelopers tale" by me as well :)

I am glad you liked it and I will tell Ronan that he did a good job! I will take a look at the bug you mentioned as well :)

Thank you for the positive feedback :)

I am aware of it and I am looking into it but thanks! :)


Thanks for the positive support. I know the problem with the friction on the walls. I will definetly look into that :)


HI! I really liked your game! The art and the reloading animation was so cool. 

I would change the fact that the enemies are faster than the player and that you can spam dash as often as you want. Its game breaking as the enemies sort of run into which leads to your bullets not being able to hit the enemies. The othrt things were great!

Consider playing " A gamedevelopers tale "by me as well :)