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Max Horror

A member registered Apr 13, 2018

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I tried many times, but it was a struggle getting the game to keep working, the game stopped working many times in the cave transition, once i got through that, but then i went off road during a chase scene and got stuck and it kept saving me there :) other tries game just stops working at cave transistions. Shame would have loved to see the ending

I did :) then he chased me, so i had to run, then stamina was used, and next time i had to run GAME OVER! and he was stalking me, as soon as i got outside a building he was on my ass.

good game, but since you run out of Stamina and cant get it back, and SirenHead always knows where you are, you cant complete this.

looking forward to see more of this, keep up the good work

let me know when i can play :)

Very rough demo, but id like to see more in the future

i got to "go back to bed" but its impossible to go back to bed :) nothing happens when i get to my bed

Game dosent work :) Also english please

yea a few things happening while running to and from these pillars would help greatly.

a lot of running... a lot... like.. a lot... very much.. i dont know if i did something wrong, but ran to the 4 pillars for ages btw, and when i came back to the mirror i fell through the world. So before i try that boring run again, am i doing it right?

Im very impressed, you really nailed a very scary atmosphere here. Amazing.

Its very good, the atmosphere is really scary. Flashlight is good, sounds are good i like it a lot. If you do keep working on this, it really has a lot of potential. So many places you can put in subtle scares and stuff. Good job.

keep up the good work mate, it feels good so far :)

I must admit im very impressed. Sound, visuals, timing on scares, atmosphere, the lovely smoothness on the camera movement, its really high quality. Promise me you will keep making horror games :)

Thank you.

you forgot to finish the game im sure :)

yea just saw a 02 and a 3 :) that dident help me much, But thanks

great looking game. Couldent solve the piano tho

The flashlight was horrible :) that is my feedback for your next project

VR only?

You had 2 FPS while playing this? :D

Anyway to adjust resolution? also there seem to be no footstep sounds.

Maybe put in some indicator on health and how much oil theres left on lamp?

The voice acting was probably the worst about my experience :) Other than that i feel it got potential, Take your time and good luck.

maybe life support would be more fitting, since he is older than dust :D whats not to like in american politics :) One Old Man fight the other Old Man to be presidents in a young country :D

yup its very strange, tried everything, but its really really dark. All other games are fine to me.

Mine is darker than black, anyway to adjust the brightness?

yea.. so.. that happend.

"Would you go insane if you did the same mundane things over and over again?" well.. thats just called life

OMG! Where? :)

how do you drop a note once you pick it up? :)

awesome :)

I like it a lot, Thanks for the demo.

Are French people upside down when they game? :)

Game is very spooky and atmospheric. Hate the controls with a passion, Why would anyone use Z for forward in what world do you do that? :D could also use a bit more checkpoints. its pretty difficult, might be the controls tho. Anyways good job.

First i dont have a PS controller, i can use my xbox controller to almost everything, except when she sits down and there are this arrow pointing right, is there a way to progress further with no PS Controller?

I will be back when you do then

Its all good and fun untill you run out of batteries... Why oh why? not sure why developers like this mechanic so much