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sadly the enemies does not work, but I am curious as to see how you will go about with that part :) other than that everything looks good. creepy spider women!

The game it self is fine, just these small annoying things that kills it for me :) I will check back when you put in an update.

Also If you want people to make videos of your game, stop using Copyrighted music in it. I can't show this game to my audience cause of the Elvis Song you use. Sorry. Also the Oil lamp does not work.

Also possible for me to download and play it. It seems legit enough.

Yes I have not checked for light switches that would help a lot :) But please please for the love of all that is unholy remove the "drainage" of battery on the flashlight. Especially cause not only does it drain the battery, the flashlight gets weaker and weaker as it does it. Its just dumb.

Unless you can find others that really like that mechanic, if that is so I will stand corrected.

So I have not gotten very far in the game, and will try again. But right away there are 2 issues Id like to talk about. 

1. And this is game breaking, Battery on Flashlight.... I mean why do people keep doing this. I ran out of flashlight power, left me in complete darkness, had to quit the game. It is not a good mechanic, no one loves it, I am aware its part of the horror engine you are using, but it should be fairly easy to adjust.

2. after a loading screen the shortcuts you set for your flashlight and gun is reset. Either make the game save those settings, or assign a button to these items from the beginning.

That is my feedback so far. As I mentioned I did not get far, I will try again and hope I will find some batteries.

Thanks bro!

keep up the good work! 🤘

Good game, pretty disturbing :) But we all like to be shocked here!

I hope you are ok mr. developer. Stay safe.

Another great Game from "616 GAMES", Get it now!

Sorry but your game seem pretty broken :) Monster never moves away, sound pretty fucked up when it "hits?" you, like it loops really fast causing a spam sound. Also you can pick items up endlessly, they keep being available. Also the gate that needs a key, don't recognize when you do have the key. etc. Just a fair bit of stuff to work out I think.

Thanks bro, Glad you enjoyed it, made some tweaks already to this part, but they are not released. added some part with danger aswell.

No that is not me.

We gamers are stoopid :) we need help hehe

I was sure i Tried interacting with everything. Guess not :)

Thanks bro, much appreciated! :)

I am not sure what to do next, I found a few notes, But for now I can't seem to be able to progress further, nothing more to interact with.

I say full of.. but I only tested the first song on youtube. :) but since that is copyrighted im sure the rest is too? :)

So sad that the radio is full of copyrighted music :(

Ah yes, Good job on the game, very well done.

No idea how to progress in this game. Can't find ouija board.

nothing wrong with being a bit vague and shocking

This is brutal :O good job anyway it just surprised me a bit.

Thanks bro. Other than that good job, great game :)

How do you write the code for the safe? I mean... in what order and why and how many numbers? the clue from the calendar is one thing, But it could be 1000 combinations from that, and how its designed, also no feedback wether its wrong or not.

You Can try and ask if they will let you upload a bigger file. There should be an option.

Yea I have fixed those issues with back and forth, well I have reduced them a lot + added a threat.

Yea feedback I have heard before, so I have fixed those issues in my internal build. It will come out when the full game is ready. Thanks for the feedback

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Its not bad, but please work with the lighting, its so damn dark :) or give a headlight or something, and maybe turn down the bloom and lens flare a bit.

Well the places with light are ok light :) But the darkness is really dark. Like shadows are pitchblack. its hard to explain. But it was very difficult to see.

Tab to check the current objective

Thanks for the amazing feedback, I have improved some stuff already, it is just not in the public demo. I do read your feedback and take everything I see in videos and what people write to me here and think about what I can do in the end :) Thank you.

Thanks so much, glad you enjoy what I do!

I have made some improvements to the back and forth mechanics + added a monster attack scene in my internal build. Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

same name, different game and different developer.

Not March atleast :) Maybe April

Yes I have already fixed that in my build. It is just not public yet. I have recieved a lot of feedback, so thanks for that :)

The more the merrier ;)

Its a feature! ... well not really its a bug, I will fix it! Thanks!

Very well done, very impressive. I enjoyed the experience a lot.