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Max Horror

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Please let me know when available :)

Thanks so much Meeka Great to hear you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks for sharing a video!

Thanks for the kind words my friend! :) and thanks for making the video!

Much appreciated my friend :) And thanks for the video, glad you enjoyed!

Thanks so much :)

Thanks bro, Fullscreen and or Windowed Mode will be options in my future projects for sure.

Much appreciated, Thanks for playing!

Thanks! :)

Thanks so much for the kind words :) Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks bro, and thanks for the video :)

Thanks my friend, working on another one!

Thanks for playing bro, great video!

Nothing much, just removed some some fog on a level.

Thanks bro! :) much appreciated. Glad the Vsync worked out.

Thanks bro!

THanks for playing and the video my friend!

Thanks friend! Much appreciated! :p

I think I have added an Options for Vsync now in the options menu. Check it out and let me know if it helped.

Thanks bro! Nice to hear, Can't wait to watch your playthrough! Thanks.

Thanks Meeka, Can't wait to see a video :p

DOwnload link? :)

Don't know how to restore power, been walking aimlessly around for some time now. Can't open any doors after power goes out.

No download link?

it says no access when trying to download.

Dont see a download button :)

Really well done man, I really enjoyed this experience, great sound design (really great) great gameplay, great attention to detail, lighting, everything. You got some great potential, I really hope you consider doing more indie horror. Thanks for sharing.

Same here, just grey blocks

also those dark rooms? I mean, the "other" rooms.

Also can you add a flashlight? :)

Not sure how to find the code for Safe, I saw a code on the papers in the cage, but as "you" put in the code automatic, I have no idea.

Sorry to hear that your work gets pirated. Hope you at least get some out of your hard work! Stay Strong my friend.


Fair enough you are the boss, but Great game anyway :)

Yea sorry nothing happened. Clicked and rotated mouse.

Yea once you try to film through the keyhole, it just shows a second and takes you back, can't progress from there.

I like it, very well done, I enjoyed it. Can you please add footstep sounds in your future projects? :) I don't know I just feel it adds to the game.

The TV can't be turned

Don't think there is any confirmation on the keypad.

Since its an exe file I will wait to see if other plays this :)