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Max Horror

A member registered Apr 13, 2018

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For Linux only it seems? :)

I already did :)

The Manor community · Created a new topic how?

How to open the door? :D

Good quality horror :) Keep up the good work, we want more from you

Yea the game is a bit too shiny. I know metal and all that, But a little roughness goes a long way :) I mean its almost like all walls and floors and ceilings are mirrors. Other than that im a fan of your work.

maybe after a few updates :)

I am not a fan of the controls, or the AI :)

Can i get the password right? cause it seems it was wrong for me :)

not working

did you know that someone else is trying to release or scam people with this?

Some other guy posting your Game i think, seems very suspect.

what is your twitter?

doors are locked once you enter.

Im stuck at the factory, I did get inside, but the next door is closed, and no hint to progress

I can't reach the back of the sofa though :) furnitures block me

is that magazine a hint for the key?

It is all up to you, just saying i was expecting more :)

I have completed the game now. I was just a retard at opening doors :D It is a pretty nice little puzzle game. I did expect a bit more Horror in it, since its tagged as horror :) But other than that its pretty good. Thank you.

Ok fair enough. I think im just stuck then :) Can't progress further. Will take another look.

I am not sure this works as intended. When switching to the alternate reality, rubble and stones still block your character even though they are not there. Might be something you should check out. Maybe its intended. And in that case im stuck :)

A for effort :) you both put in story, npc's, chase scenes and jumpscares and a few puzzles :) door mechanics could do with some work, animations are a bit off, but mixamo is often the only solution cause animation is hard :) Some items missing textures etc. But i enjoyed the short experience, Thank you

Can't seem to get any hint for the combination lock, what am i missing?

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Game got some potential for sure. If I was you I would change the font of the text in the subtitles, it can be a bit of a pain to read imo. Also, I know Dark is scary. But maybe add some lamps you can turn on etc? you can always have them go out if you want some event to pop off. Its just a bit too dark imo. Anyways, keep up the good work. Also the continue option wont allow you to open the hallway door again, you have to exit the whole game and reopen it for it to work. But so far you can be pretty proud with what you made.

The game needs some love. But its a good start.

a bit unforgiving :) could do with a checkpoint after each corpse collected or something.

Getting blackscreen suddenly during gameplay. Hope you will fix soon.

the date. I got a video up on my channel with the solution if you want :)

Marys tombstone


need a hint for that Safe puzzle. 8 colors but on the poster there is 9 :)

Is there an option for english? cause mine is in Arab language i think

Will do :)

I have no idea what i just played :)

Game crashes when i go up the stairs.

I really like it, and also the effects BUT maybe the VHS effects are a tiny bit overpowered? :) Anyway, good job.

Did you just put me in a dark maze and take away my light? :)

I feel the love! :) Thanks man, and happy holidays to you!