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Max Horror

A member registered Apr 13, 2018

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Wheeen is it done? :) Can you play it not knowing any French?

I couldent interact with anything so no progression. the only thing i could in the starting area was turning my flashlight on and off with L and walk around. What is the interact button? and what to push to get the elevetor open?

what are the controls?



why would you make the arrow keys to look around? why not just mouse?

Veiled community · Created a new topic Im lost

Cant seem to figure out what to do in this game. 

How do i get access to this game?

Need the english! :)

Fair enough. I get this screen.

Can only Choose to quit the game in the game menu. No options to start the game.

sure did :)

Video of the demo!

I figured that but since all doors are closed now i cant really explore anymore :)

not sure i understand the atm puzzle

how do i interact with the code in the battery charger outside? cant do anything. And yes i have put the battery in. But i cant interact with the password screen at all.??

The game suppose to just end in a blackscreen a few seconds after reaching the flashlight on the ground?

How do you play it? I keep dying

Enjoyed the game a lot, a nice "choose your own path" kinda game. I recommend everyone to check it out, its short and pretty good :)

Tried the game, and it got lots of potential, but please add Mouse/keyboard, cause controller sucks :) will play when that is an option.

nothing seem to happen when i drink the water

Do escapism Artworks read emails i wonder? :D

well.. so where should i put that Exe file? :D it dosent work alone


Cant seem to find a exe file

Cant get it to work