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Max Horror

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Thank you!

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Losing audio when transitioning to the second level

(or first time you enter the loop)

How did you get it back?

Yes on Windows

Don't think the game works correctly atm :) Subtitles on the phone call is way way way delayed. and when picking up the Dvd it disappeares when you go back to your apartment.

Thank you for the feedback.

Glitches in the matrix?

Thanks for playing and for the video!

Thanks for playing bro!

Thanks for the video!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for playing! Adjustments will come.

It will take some time still, but yea that is my plan.

Thanks bro! :) 

So glad you enjoyed the demo my friend! Thanks for playing.

Thanks bro!

I am glad you are enjoying my short games :) Thanks so much for playing.

Thanks bro!

Thanks so much! :)

I will fix and adjust some things, Thanks so much for playing friend!

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed this short little demo!

Thanks! And thanks for the playthrough!

Thanks so much, Glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks bro :) enjoyed the video.

Thanks for the video!

Thanks bro

Thanks bro, I downscale the textures a lot for the project to be under the 1 gb limit here on 

Thanks for playing bro!

Thanks for the feedback and video! :)

Thanks for downloading. I am using Unreal Engine 5.

Yea now I see it :)

Did you make this page public? :)

Thanks so much for playing, i am glad you are enjoying my little games. 

Thanks, I would have missed that :)

Not sure what the old key is for?

Can't seem to find anything to use it for.

Thanks and thanks for posting a video! 

Thanks bro! Thanks for the video!

That is what they do, Add virus and malware, its not really the game.

Thank you so much for that awesome comment, I am so happy you liked the game that much! :)