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I played this like a year ago and forgot to comment, but I loved it so much. The aesthetics, the theme, the execution, just great <3

I just finished the game and I loved it so much! It's such a feelgood experience, but with a nice dose of hardships too in a lovely balance <3 I wound up in a relationship with QueenBee, she's the %&#?¤@ best! I just in general felt close to every character in some way, even with the ones I didn't talk to that much. Looking forward to the sequel!

Haha! Yeah it seems like it isn't that hard to do nowadays :(

I miss the old, more standalone episode based Star Trek that could be goofy but still explore important ethical questions.

Thanks for your comment!

Hahaha omg you were not alone! I stressed out all the time and said to Michelle "Please call your mom!!" And when she finally was like "oops I should call my mom!" I could finally breathe lol

This is such a sweet and heartfelt game, it made me cry because I started caring so much about Froggy <3

Thank you for this game <3