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Awesome game!! I got a score of 11 😅 I need practice. Very cool. Nicely done!

Wow! That's amazing. Nicely done.

Thank you RetroBoi128!! I can't believe someone actually played my game. I couldn't even get my kids to try it. 🤣

So cool! I'd love to read the code if you want to release it.

That's awesome! Can you imagine all the poor broken C64 keyboards there would have been if you had released this back in the 80s? lol. :-D

For code and more information, go to the ASCII Maze Game for Apple IIe game page.

Added a disk image! Now you can download the disk image, then go to and drag and drop the disk image onto the Apple II emulator to play.

I finally submitted my game yesterday (ASCII Maze Game for Apple IIe).   It was such a fun challenge!  Kept me up at night thinking about how to squish everything in to the space requirements. :-D There was one part where I needed to shuffle 4 sets of 2 numbers and it took me over two lines to do it. I know there must be a better (shorter) way of doing it, but I couldn't think of one. I'm really looking forward to seeing other people's code now, to see how you all dealt with the space requirements!

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How is everyone doing on their programs?  What's something new that you learned? What's something you've done so far that you're proud of?

I'm getting close to halfway done? Except the program takes just over 3 minutes to start.. 😭 so I need to work on that.  I've never programmed in Applesoft Basic before, outside of typing in some mystery code from a magazine when I was a kid. It's been fun reading through 40+ year old documentation. 🤣 

Something funny I read in the official Applesoft BASIC Programmer's Reference Manual (Volume I):

Jumping into or out of the middle of a subroutine with an ordinary GOTO subverts Applesoft's orderly control stack mechanism (see "How Subroutines Stack Up," below) and causes the programmer to be in a state of sin. People who indulge in such odious practices should be ostracized from polite society.


Cross-looping is a second-degree misdemeanor punishable by five minutes in the penalty box and a NEXT WITHOUT FOR error. It will also melt your keyboard.

Ah.. gotta love that old school programmer humor. 😆

I'm using AppleWin, an Apple IIe emulator.  One of the best features is the ability to write code in Notepad and then paste it into the emulator.   I have so many text files serving as my ghetto git hub. :-D Does this work? Nope! Save that for reference, try again. Does this work? Nope! repeat forever... lol.

I dunno how old you all are, but I used to have a subscription to K-Power when I was a kid.  They published programs in Basic for all popular home computers of the era (Apple, Commodore 64, TRS-80, IBM PC, Atari, TI 99/4A) for kids to type in and run.  Might find some useful code snippets!

Alright, I decided to use Applesoft Basic on an Apple II emulator.

What 8bit platforms are out there?  Any suggestions?

Well, except Unity uses C# .NET, so I don't know how far off the rails you want to go...

Alright, I'm not really sure what I'm doing, but I set up some streaming software and I'm fully prepared to flaunt my noob flag at:

Thanks zooperdan!  And thanks for hosting and organizing this game jam!

That's a really good philosophy.  Well, both keeping it simple, and also competing with your self.

Well, good luck fellow GBFPSDC maker!  I'm looking forward to playing your game as well!

I'm excited for the jam to start, and I'm trying so hard to temper my exploding list of ideas with the reality of what I can get finished in 7 days. 😁  I'm planning on using Unity for development, and I've messed around with that in the past, but it's been years.  I'm watching Unity tutorial videos right now because I don't even remember how to start.  😂

I work full time (tech support dork), have kids, yada yada, so my goal is to have a working game by the end of Sunday, 4/4.   That will give me 3 evenings and 2 full days to grind something out. Then the next two evenings I can spend on bugs and polishing. And if I need to, I can call in sick on 4/7 to sprint to the end! 🤣 No, I probably won't do that. 

So I may not end up with hand painted fully animated 3d characters, procedurally generated dungeons, natural language processing, AI story teller.. lol.. I hope to actually FINISH SOMETHING and get a working game submitted by 4/7.

Good luck to you all. Looking forward to seeing some new Grid Based FPS Dungeon Crawlers!

That's all I wanted to say. :-)  I've been looking forward to today for a week or so since I heard about this game jam.  Last week I pestered my office mates with sample text printed out in different fonts and sizes, polling them to find the best, most readable, smallest font. Hahaha. The winner was Verdana 7pt, if you're curious.

Anyway, thanks for hosting this Lari!  Looking forward to seeing what you and everyone else comes up with, and to share what I'm working on. :-D

Awesome!  I love it!

Nicely done!  I like the movement inertia.

So awesome. :-D  Very fun game

Very cool, but insanely hard for me!  I still haven't beat level 00. lol

Very fun.  Nice job!

Well done!  I love how the number of beans increases with difficulty! 

So cool!  Very hard, but nicely done

Thank you for taking the time to make something cool and sharing it with everyone!

I guess it depends on if you want to make a Gameboy game, or just a game that looks similar.  Everyone that uses GB Studio will be limited by file size, number of sprites, type of audio, not to mention resolution of tiles, sprites, screen, etc.  Plus everything made with GB Studio can actually be played on a real Game Boy.

Up to you, unless AuriosiYT has something to say about it.

I'm so glad I found this game jam.  I had never heard of GB Studio until I saw this.  Making an old school Game Boy game is definitely one of those bucket list things for me.  :-)

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone makes!

Very cool!  I like what you did.  A couple suggestions - maybe do a palette with 5 colors, including the bright green that GBStudio uses for transparency.  Otherwise the palette is only good for background tiles and not characters.  The other thing is why did you call it "GB&J30"?  That seems like a weird thing to have to look for on the list of palette presets.

Peter Milko just created some cool tutorial videos for getting started with GB Studio, if anyone is interested.

Anyone have any other good tutorials for GB Studio?

Sounds great!  Can't wait to try it!  I'm working on a gm-less rpg myself.  More of a choose your own adventure type thing, with dice rolling. :-)