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I didn't know that existed! Thanks for the heads up.

No problem. The tile size is 32x32, the two characters are on a 32x32 canvas size but are scaled at around 16x16 pixels. The dust effects are 32x32 and the pickups and small objects are all 16x16 pixels. The Big drilling machines are 120 pixels tall with tile-able horizontal sections.


Thanks, glad you like the art! Unfortunately my work schedule is fully booked for the foreseeable future. Best of luck with the game.

Thanks, you're welcome!

The tiles are straight in a standard 16x16 grid. You're right, the tilting is just to prevent copying!

Wow, I love how Seven Oh Ess and the lower case Jamma and Indie Modern turned out there.

Terminus was inspired by the visuals of computer screens from 80s movies. The name was just a play on "Terminal", I had no idea the Linux font had the same name!

Adding new biomes isn't something I've ruled out but my immediate plans are to add some options for modern buildings.

Out of interest how useful would a hex based version be for tabletop RPG maps?


Thanks, I channelled a lot of happy gaming memories in to this. GBA era Advance Wars and Fire Emblem, Warlords on the Amiga, SNES era Final Fantasy etc.

Hi, Avis.

I spent a lot of time tweaking the positioning of each character in the monospaced versions to get everything perfect but if you do buy the set and want any small changes making just let me know.

In the browser - I'll download the ghostmark cart and do some tests when I get a chance.

I've just done some tests on my PC with the ghostmark cart and it looks like FPS is linked to monitor refresh - I'm getting a fluctuating 100-120 fps at 120hz and a solid 59-60 fps at 60hz.