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Thanks, hope they're useful! 

I don't plan on doing this in the immediate future, I've been leaving implementation up to users. I am currently working on an update to make the tileset easier to use with auto tiling algorithms though.

Thanks Zane!

They're orthogonal. There are a few isometric versions of the base tiles which were made for the UI (see bottom left in first image) and these do tesselate but they have black borders.

Hi. Yes the assets can be used in commercial projects. The full license agreement is included in the zip file.

It's made from the tiles that come with the asset pack. It was put together using Tiled (map editor software) and it's designed so that the top and bottom and left and right sides match up so it can be repeated.

Hi. Yes, that's covered by the license, glad you like the fonts!


The license grants you permission to distribute as a component part of an artistic or commercial work the assets in the purchased ZIP archive.

This includes any modification or adaptation of these assets for that purpose.

No attribution is required (but is always nice!). I realised that the license agreement was missing from the archive (!) so I've updated the archive to include it.

The full license text is:

  1. Permission is given to distribute as a component part of an artistic or commercial work the assets in the archive named “Explosion Pack Upload”.
  2. You may not sell, rent, license, sublicense, distribute, redistribute, give-away or make available (in any other way) the assets alone or as part of any asset collection.
  3. You may modify or adapt the assets for personal and commercial use as detailed in section 1. You may not sell or distribute modified versions of the assets as detailed in section 2.

Hey, attribution isn't necessary but it's always nice. Good luck with the game! 

Hey! My next planned update is going to be to tweaking and reformatting the tileset to make it easier to use with auto-tiling algorithms but after that I want to add more features and biome types and a lava biome would be cool...! 

Looking good! Cool to think about my sprites being pushed about on actual Amiga hardware.

Cool! I managed to fill the whole screen with little guys...

There isn't a Tiled setup included currently but the tiles will work with corner based auto tiling. I'm planning on optimising the tileset and including variant versions for edge and corner based auto-tiling methods in a future update to make creating your own setups easier.

Thanks! The Ruins and Settlements update is still on its way. If you buy now you get access to all future updates (there's other stuff planned for the future but I really need to get Ruins and Settlements finished before I start talking about any of that!).

I have a free asset pack available with some unit graphics that you might find useful:


I've got a small update in the works to add ruins, new buildings and farm land. Once that's out of the way I've got plans to address some formatting and tile arrangement issues and I can look at the legacy tile set as part of that. In the meantime you can always overlay tiles and export them in any image editor that supports layers and produce your own merged tiles that way.

Thanks for the heads up, I'll add this in now :)

Hey, you're welcome! Thanks for sharing the link, it's always good to see the assets being used.

Hi, the update isn't cancelled, I've been busy with other work but it's still on the way (along with the other asset packs I've got in the works).

- Matt


I didn't use a set palette, just picked colours for what I needed as I went along. I tried to keep the colour count down but there's probably some very close colour choices that could be optimised here and there.

They're hidden away in the UI folder, the file is called "terrain-icons.png"

Very cool. I like how you have the difficulty increasing tied to the level ups and chosen by the player!

I've not got plans for a separate bundle just for the village packs but they'll be discounted individually in all the usual seasonal sales when they roll around.

Thank you!

I am planning character sprites and other locations, the first of which will be a snowy village, as well as adding features to the current village interiors and exteriors. The first thing on the list is to add a few things to the interiors that I didn't manage to get done for the initial release like carpeted stairs and features for shops. I'll be posting devlogs about these new features and asset packs as I'm working on them.

Hey, I'm not currently taking on commissions but celebration animations is something I'll look in to adding at some point.

Hey, thanks!

In the mockups I did the timing for the dust animation has the last few frames displayed for longer than the first few. The "Dust-duplicate..." sprite sheet repeats some of the frames in the sprite sheet so you can play back the animation with this original timing without having to adjust the timings in code or scripting.

(although the animation looks fine with all the frames displayed for the same time anyway...!)

Hey, cool game and not something I would've ever imagined when I was working on the tiles!

Hey, cool game, you've got the enemy drop dopamine hit down perfectly. Good luck with the RPG!

Hey, this is amazing! Vampire Survivors meets Mad Max. It's wild seeing people come up with concepts I would never have imagined using the assets.

Hey, thanks for letting me know about the AxeFighter sheet, I'll look in to it. I had a quick play through the game and I made it through to the end, everything is very crisp and smooth, feels great to play.

I've got a plan to look in to customisation at some point in the future and I'll continue to add updates but it's probably a way off.

Hi, that's fine, you don't need to encrypt the assets. As long as they're used as a component part of a piece of software and not being redistributed by themselves or as  part of an asset compilation, it doesn't matter if they're accessible or can be reverse engineered by an end user.

Really cool, I hadn't pictured using the sprites in a side on perspective but it works

Hi, sorry for the late reply - the characters are scaled to fit on a 16x16 grid but the actual dimensions in the sprite sheet are 32x32 to allow for the attack animations, taller characters, polearms etc.

Thanks! There's a few things I've got planned to add if there's enough interest.

Hey, sorry for the late reply. The tiles are 16x16 pixels in size and (I think) RPG maker is locked to 48x48 pixel tiles, so you could blow up the tiles to three times the size with an image editor if you don't mind having big, chunky pixels.

- Matt

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There's a folder in the zip file called "NoAlpha" which has versions of all the tileset layouts without alpha blending, just fully opaque or fully transparent pixels. You can use these to make a bitmask by filling in the transparent pixels with your 0 value colour and all the solid pixels with your 1 value colour (or the other way round, depending on how you're doing things).

The shadows that are designed to be drawn with transparency have the RGB value #664d8b (102,77,139), so if you're doing alpha blending through bitmasking you can fill all these pixels with whatever value of greyscale you want depending on how transparent you want the shadows to be (I used 0.37 in the tileset).

Hope this helps.

- Matt

Hey! Thanks for getting in touch, I did get your contact form message, just had a hectic week and only just got round to e-mailing you back :)


Yeah, that'll work!