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I thought you spoke English until I saw the bottom line so no errors lol

download 7zip(free) and extract the file, then run the executable inside 

.rar files aren't executables, there a repository which means they hold files, they don't execute them, download either winrar (paid) or 7zip (free) and extract them, inside the extracted folder you will find the exe file

-Skins should have some work done too

I suggest either having a character creator like terraria or a easier way to add your own skin like in minecraft, one way to make it easier would be to make the skin png files into 1 png file

I found that the movement was a bit sloppy and i found my self either running off cliffs or into spikes, the story is fine fits a standard game, i also found that when moving the character was on the corner of the screen making it hard to see what was infront of me without jumping back. anyways good game but a lot could be improved :

Awesome game, it was a ton of fun!

Nevermind i got it

Could not validate version 15.17.0 of butler

can someone help bc im just stumped and i can't find any solutions anywhere else