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Nice game, everything came together really well and the card mechanic was very fun. The game was a bit short and it would've been cool to see more mechanics introduced. However, you did have a time limit and the finished product was very good , enjoyable and something to be proud of.

I LOVE It! it is so creative and fun and I can't stop playing it. I would love to see future updates. The music fits so well. In the future it would be nice if E or Q also was attack as z is a bit awkward to reach.

I love it. The concept is so cool and the execution is great. I can't stop playing  it and I would love it if you added more to the game in the future. One suggestion to make the controls a bit better is to make W jump and to have E as attack.

I love the art and music. It is very well made but sometimes the jumping is a bit clunky. Other than that I enjoyed my experience with the game.

In the past few days I made the menus, all sprites and implemented everything. The enemy's are proving quite difficult to code but I still have 3 days so I should be able to finish them by then.

This is my favourite backround I made although it will look much better when I put the sprites in

On my first two days I was extremeley busy but I managed to make all the backrounds and menu's.

Every day if you want, reply on what work you got done today.