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If I had more time I would have loved to add that. I'm planning on making a version 2 after the jam that has new obstacles and a diffuclty that gradually increases

Thanks for the feedback, I was very busy with my job which prevented me from adding some features like that. If I ever make a version 2 I will include both those things.

Loved the game. The game looks absolutley gorgeous and has a lot of atmosphere, similar to Donkey Kong Country. The world is endearing and interesting to explore. Some constructive feedback is that the edges of the levels are quite weird as sometimes you go through them and die, and other times it takes you to a different level. this made it a bit confusing at times, especially with the pressure plate puzzle. Having some ambient music would also be a nice addition. So far the game looks very promising and I can't wait to see whats to come, as I found the game and its world quite immersive. (:

Nice game, everything came together really well and the card mechanic was very fun. The game was a bit short and it would've been cool to see more mechanics introduced. However, you did have a time limit and the finished product was very good , enjoyable and something to be proud of.

I LOVE It! it is so creative and fun and I can't stop playing it. I would love to see future updates. The music fits so well. In the future it would be nice if E or Q also was attack as z is a bit awkward to reach.

I love it. The concept is so cool and the execution is great. I can't stop playing  it and I would love it if you added more to the game in the future. One suggestion to make the controls a bit better is to make W jump and to have E as attack.

I love the art and music. It is very well made but sometimes the jumping is a bit clunky. Other than that I enjoyed my experience with the game.

In the past few days I made the menus, all sprites and implemented everything. The enemy's are proving quite difficult to code but I still have 3 days so I should be able to finish them by then.

This is my favourite backround I made although it will look much better when I put the sprites in

On my first two days I was extremeley busy but I managed to make all the backrounds and menu's.

Every day if you want, reply on what work you got done today.