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Yes, which is totally understandable. Compared to "normal" commissions, sprites take much longer and much more work to complete

Its actually been closer to 2 years now without a game update release. However i have been doing my best to keep everyone updated on what's going on behind the scenes, with the latest update being back in August 2022 here.

I am still working on the project, however, getting new assets has been slow going so in the meantime I've been rewriting the entire code to make it cleaner, updating the UI, compressing different files to make the file size smaller, and working on getting a new release with all of these changes implemented. However I do not have an official release date or an estimated release date. 

It's still a thing. Just a ridiculously slow going thing.

HA is focused more on support and healing, but does offer minor offensive capabilities. Mages are focused more on utility and offense with minor defensive options. I haven't worked out any kind of battle system and for now, most of the class options and abilities will have more of an affect on dialog and story branching until if/when I add minimal combat. An example of this would be the mage character finds himself in a cave with two tunnels, one is lit with torches, the other is dark. If the mage character knows the light spell, there will be an option to travel down the dark path instead of the lit path. The game won't really be a full RPG with battle systems and experience points, etc. 

It will be described in more detail in game during the coming days of the HA major, but users of the holy arts do rely on spiritual allies and form contracts with spirits in order to access and channel magical power. Whereas mages directly access and manipulate the magic within the world itself rather than channeling through another source.

Silas really is the crowd favorite so far. Most likely because he's the one players get to know the most at the moment, plus he's got a good personality. :)

Thank you so much for the kind words and the apparently several hours of play time lol. I appreciate it a lot! I hadn't realized that anyone could play the day 3 files in the published build. I thought they were hidden XD. They were very much unfinished and rough with the last update lmao. Hopefully you still enjoyed them though.

The music is definitely one of my favorite parts of this as well. Unfortunately as I purchase licenses to use the music for commercial use in the game, I am not allowed to post them elsewhere or offer them as separate content as per the terms. I will eventually update the music room within the game to be cleaner and better functioning so that myself and others can enjoy the music without having to play through the game, but sadly that's all I'll be able to do. 

I'm very sorry to hear you've been going through all of that. Just playing the game and your patience is support enough and I appreciate it greatly. 🫂

LMAO. Exactly

Nothing happens for now, but that does bring up a good point. Thank you for mentioning this, I will have to add something for matching names! 

Thank you :)

Know Us by Anica Stemper. Some of her songs were briefly licensable on audioblocks for commercial use.

Sorry for the lack of news. Still have a lot of life stuff going on and trying to still work on the game at the same time. Recently got an update from the artist that he's going to be able to work more on the art soon, he's trying to work on his workflow atm. Other than this, not much has changed from what was mentioned in this devlog from August. 

You can see Aldric nude by following the guide here

Basically if your Charisma is high enough and you strip with him you should see him nude. Also Qrom's bits are not in the game currently. The full bits view will come later in the story in future updates lol

Currently it does end when you get to your room at the end of the day. The above mentioned routes do have more content, however, that is the content I am still currently working on. It has not been released yet so all routes end at the same point currently.

Sorry for the late response. No, character customization is still a long way away in the art asset list. First things to be worked on will be the main cast of datable characters.

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

It's not dead, still being worked on. I've just had some setbacks the last several months including a computer crash and corrupted files resulting in the loss of some game files that I've been remaking. I'm really sorry it's been so long. 


I may. Possibly in the future I may make an art gallery in game and have a legacy tab for the old sprites. We'll see 🙂

Thank you. I'm doing okay, just keeping suoer busy lol. Hope you are well too

I'm hoping to have an update out some time next month. There won't be any new art since the new assets are not fully finished, but I don't want to keep you guys waiting so I've decided to continue updates and replace the assets later.

It is still alive. I should hopefully have an update in a month or two. I will be using the old art instead of the new art until all of the new art is finished. 

They all have human shaped cocks instead of more animalistic (no knots). Qrom is the only one that has a slightly different one. While his is human in shape, it does have ridges.


He doesn't have a route just yet. At this point you are basically just meeting the characters. The only ones that have a longer introduction are Silas and Aldric. The routes will start on day 3 which is not yet released, but will be hopefully in a month or two. There's also a guide if you were wanting to see the possible options for Orion released so far.

lmao. Twinsies! Silas is a cool name

Silas does not have a title himself, however, his father is a lord so should Silas become head of the household then he would inherit his father's lordship.  Silas does however have older siblings and they would be first in line to inherit the title should anything happen to their father. 

Unfortunately I cannot. I have been debating just using the old assets and releasing an update, but I'm not sure yet.

Yes, still ongoing

Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it and yes, all the characters will be changing to a new style, though I still hope and aim to keep them recognizable and not make too many drastic changes to their design. 

Silas is still being worked on currently, getting some expressions and such currently. Once each character is finished I'll post some comparisons 😃 

lol, not yet, but eventually once all the assets are updated 😉 

Unfortunately, I don't have any specific dates or estimated dates for the next update release. I'm still working with the new artist on getting all the new art for all the the main characters. 

I will say it is highly unlikely that there will be any game update release before the end of the year.

Sure, once they're finished I'll post some comparisons :)

He's going to be redoing all of the main cast first before moving on to new characters :)

Thank you for the feedback! And no worries. I was made aware later that not everyone has a Twitter or has access to it. It was just more convenient at the time since it had a polling option 🙂

Neh, that just means I could afford even more art for the game!

Not at all, I appreciate the feedback :) and he is going thorough some adjustments now too lol