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Thank you , I really appreciate your feedback and your advice. I'm sorry if the game disapointed you. I'm will tell the trick how kill the enemy fast , try to keep distance with the enemy , if you're too close the enemy use blink to run from their attack. you can gather them  and chasing you. and then use the blink to give a little bit damage after that use the grenade to blow them off. if your health is too low just keep your distance from the enemy and keep blink to give them a little bit damage. I recommend you to use your mouse button to Attack and Blink. I hope this will work for you. 

and then i use that trick to the game and this is how it's look like

Oh yeah , I made this game because i'm inspired from Hyper Light Drifter :D i really love that game.

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Hmm, what is your windows version ?
I've added the BWRE_Install.exe on the download page, try to download it and Install the game, maybe it might work.  

Thanks! , I appreciate that :D

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Hello! , so this game is an Hack n Slash - Action RPG game. It's about our hero that woke up in the middle of woods that full of monster, trying  to find out what's happen. 

Our Hero got some 3 Skills that you can use to fight the monster The skills is Focus Mode you can use this to Slow the time, and the second skill is Blink. You need to throw your sword to another location, and then you will teleport the location of the sword, and the last one is Throwing Bombs , you can get the bomb from the healing location.

*I spent most of my High School Life to made this game, im sorry if i'm not a good story maker :P , hope you guys like this game :D*
Game Link : https://matthew-cc.itch.io/broken-world