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Matt Fabius

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I like the art style, and the sound is super satisfying.  The chain mechanic was also a great design choice.  Made the game feel really unique.  This would work really well as a twin stick shooter (although, I didn't try using a controller, so I can't confirm that it isn't).  Only other suggestion is that I'd put a quit game option in after the round ends (Application.Quit()).  Overall, the game's a lot of fun!  Good work!

Cool atmosphere, good level design.  I like the USC & UCLA flashlights.  It'd be nice if you could change the mouse sensitivity since it felt a little hard to turn.  Also, it felt like you should be able to point the flashlights upwards (you might be able to accomplish that by childing the flashlights to your camera but it's hard to say for sure.  Overall, really solid game for 48 hours.  Great work!
p.s. name suggestion: Flash-fright