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No one, just a misclick on the "submit changes" button ^^"

Ok - I'm super late with the second game -.- I'm not sure I will delivery it on time :\

Oh WOW! Thank you so much (I speak a little bit of French - I studied it loooong time ago, so I can understand 10% of the video :D). I hope you enjoyed the game!

1. Yes, but...

2. ...a player can improve their attribute, spending Insight at the Workshop. So, it's not sure the lowest attribute is always 1 - it depends on the players' choices.

About the trick weapons: the description between [ ] is the weapon's ability - in both forms. The base form allows the character to perform a quick and accurate blow, the alternate form a powerful blow (with increased effect), and you can take advantage of the specific ability of the weapon in both forms.

Roll lower attribute means you must use your lower attribute to gather dice for your pool.
I.e. if you have Prowess 2, Resolve 2, and Wit 1, you will roll 1 die.

Oh - that’s a mistake made between versions. Sorry for that, I will fix it soon. The right one is the GM (… and now our eyes are open).

Thank you for your feedback!

Hi! Thank you for allowing me to clarify this point (I already received feedback about that and I want to explain better it in the future).

You regain stamina at the end of an action. An action is formed by 2 parts: action and (eventual) consequences.

  • If you don't have consequences (like in your example, rolling 6+), you regain stamina immediately at the end of the action roll.
  • If you have consequences (rolling 1-5), you regain stamina after the consequences - so you need to use the stamina points you didn't use in the action roll to create the resistance dice poll.

Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad you appreciate the game.

About an advanced version… I’m definitely up to something - you will have news soon!

I'm working on a game with a more expanded scope (more content, more pages). I'm not sure I can call it a "zine" because I'm not sure yet about the format - but just to give you a rough idea.

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I submitted my first one (Bloodstone, released one month ago), inspired by Bloodborne. The are a bunch of community copies available!

And now I’m working on the second one - made specifically for the jam - inspired more by Dark Souls.

Thank you Mark for the kind words! I'm looking forward to the #coininthedark2022 - it will be awesome watching players try the game!

I'm trying - but I cannot assure the idea will exit from my whiteboard ^^" (but I mean... If I do not try something crazy during a game jam... when?)

Sooooo I'm toying with a solo game about a journey in a desolate land. And I'm thinking to use the D4 pool in a "physical" way (like: create your real pyramid of dice). I like the D4 because they are not handy :D

Thank you! I'm looking forward to your feedback! I hope you will enjoy the game!

No, you avoid completely the consequences without rolling dice. So, basically, if a Hunter suffers mental Harm, they can try to avoid the consequences using a normal resistance roll OR, if they have the Executioner attire, by spending the special one-shot ability.

Using the attire one shot ability, the knight can protect without face conseguences.

I added another batch of Community Copies! Thank you to everyone who is supporting the game!

Thanks to those who bought a copy of the game, I added more Community Copies for those who cannot afford to buy one.

Thank you so much. And please, let me know if you will enjoy the game!

BLOODSTONE is an action-packed horror tabletop roleplaying game with a dark, gothic feel. The players are a group of hunters, sent to the city of Heliwyr on a blood moon night, to hunt down an Apostle who is attempting to ascend, opening a gateway to the realm of the Ancients. 

The game has a high pace: the Hunt is a race against the clock. 

BLOODSTONE is designed for one-shot games: every time we play, we play different Hunters, who will face new obstacles and challenges every time: the blood moon nights in Heliwyr never end.

The whole game is on two folding flyers (one for the GM and one for the players):


Ohhh thank you so much!

Thank you <3

Thank you :D

Thank you for the great comment :) I'm very happy you seem to enjoy the game. You caught perfectly its spirit.

And thank you for pointing out the small mistakes: I'll fix them asap.

ahahahhaa, yes I think it’s the real hidden plot

Yeah, it was an awesome experience. Thank you!

It's a game about... a workplace with a lot of funny situations :D

thank you!

I used a similar layout than L&F but I can try to improve mine as you suggested. If you will play it, let me know what crazy office you will create!

thank you so much!

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I updated the second-page layout.


I'm happy to share my submission for the 1Page RPG: The Workplace. It's a Lasers & Feelings hack, inspired by The Office.

If you are a fan of Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute, you cannot miss it - it's free!

I hope you will enjoy the game!

A long time ago, when I discovered this game, it has totally changed how I see RPGs (both as a player and as an author).

Wow (cit. Owen Wilson)!

The game reached the first position in the Popular section. Thank you!

Tavern Stories is a funny and GM-less playset for PARAGON System, where the players are heroes gathered around a table in a tavern, drinking the famous HeroDrinks™ and telling stories about the good old days.

You can find the game here:

The Retired Heroes are friends who lived a lot of adventures together in the past. But the time for adventures is now just a memory: they are old, bruised, and not as ready for action as they used to be. They are spending their evening and night drinking at the Tavern of Old-Memories, the cheapest tavern in the city, remembering their glorious past.

There are two different storylines, one inside the other: the first is what's going on in the tavern (the chit-chat, the chaos, the drink, the cheers, and so on) and the second is the story they are telling.

Thank you 🙏

To use the Wild Magic you need to spend Magic Scroll charges. The more chargers you spend, the more powerful will be the effect - BUT more dangerous can be the consequences of the Wild Magic: per each charge spent, you will roll one time on the Wild Magic Effect table.

The Knowledge Domain is used to face contents of Knowledge like, i.e., solving a puzzle or talking with an ancient God in a forgotten language.

Hi! Thank you for your kindest words :) I hope you will enjoy the game.

About your question: the standard Paragon System flow for a scene is: the GM reveals the scene (frames the scene) and the players will play it (it's a roleplaying game, of course). Then, the GM should ask leading questions, pushing the scene to a Trial (a conflict). The conflict will lead to the next situation (next scene).

During the first phase, you are in the free game. Some GMs prefer having a short scene and moving from a scene to the next with high pacing. But you can extend this phase as you (and the other players) want.
Finding a secret door can reveal to the player different options to face the enemies, or opening a chest can add Advantage Dice to the players, for example.

I really like to work with the Paragon System framework because it's very freely in these details. 

Hi! Thank you for your feedback.

I’ll update the text tomorrow, fixing the errors you found.

About the cover: I’m happy with it. It’s in a similar art style of darkest dungeon and I love the mood. But I guess it’s a matter of personal taste - maybe I should try a couple of tests to understand what’s the best cover for the players or create an alternate cover version

Also, when I will reach the goal ($250), I'll add an additional module with an adventure with a full dungeon.