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Thank you!

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Thank you. About other dice, we are planning to do it - but after the conclusion of the votes!

 Hi! Thank you so much for the feedback!

We are happy to see how much love the game is receiving. We have a lot of ideas (but you know, the game jam's time constraint was very tight, and we couldn't add 90% of the stuff we planned). But we're considering creating a full game based on this "barebones demo." So, please, follow the main dev to receive updates if you want :D

Ehy, we finally did it: we fixed the fullscreen mode. If you want to test it, I would appreciate your feedback.

Thank you!

Yeah, we're struggling with the fullscreen / resolution thing building from Unity. I'm trying at this exact moment to fix it, but I don't have found a solution yet (activating the fullscreen option in itch seems to create some strange issue with the position of the elements on the screen).
So... A long night in front o me.

The idea of using the cinders to light the torch is cool. Thank you!

hi! Thank you for the feedback and the rating!

The two starting areas are the ‘tutorial’. Basically you enter in a new area and you roll dice to discover what you lose an what you gain (Hp, sanity, cinders).

Some areas are darker and you need to light the torch, spending a charge. This way you will have more chance to avoid troubles.

Hi! Thank you for the feedback. Can I ask what you found confusing? I'm always interested in the player's feedback.

Yes! The publisher (Need Games) presented it during GenCon, and it will be available soon on their website and DTRPG.

Yes! Need Games is presenting right now on Gen Con the english version:

hi! I added 50 community copies a couple of days ago but they already gone. I will add more in the next weeks.

Ohhh thank you so much. Amazing!

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Blades in the Dark has no "stats" for the enemies - that's the point. 
In Bloodstone, you don't need stats. You choose an enemy, describe the situation, and the players will decide how to face the threats. And then, they roll the dice, and the situation will change accordingly to the result.

Hi! The enemies haven't stats - it's a game a little bit different than "the most famous fantasy game." The system is based on Blades in the Dark - and tags and short descriptions describe the NPCs.
As a rule of thumb, if an enemy is weak, full success is enough to defeat it. If the enemy is strong, you can create a clock.

Yes, please! I am always happy to receive feedback from those who play my games.

Sure - I added right now 20 more community copies!

Hi! I’m happy you’re enjoying the game.

For a short campaign I suggest to create 4-5 city’s maps and ask the players to explore them in the order they want.

At the end of each map there is a ‘boss’ to hunt and defeat.

The clock should be bigger and it should be shared between all maps.

Thank you for your comment! And your english is perfect :) Let me know how you find the game after playing it!

Your ideas are interesting. I think I will run a little brainstorming session during the weekend to think about the Beasthood. Maybe I can come back to you with some... insight :D

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Hi Daidalos! Nice to meet you. To be honest, I never planned to add a Beasthood mechanic - but a Clock seems a very interesting idea. Do you have any idea how it could work?


Here we go! I added some Community Copies. Enjoy them, and please, let me know if you like the game!

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Sure! I have distributed 500 community copies to date, and I will add more soon! I will write you when they are available again.

It's a typo (tnx, I fixed it)  - but the Italian version is available on the Grumpy's store (here), and you can find the Italian Character Sheet here.

Hi! I'm happy you're excited about the game! For the pdf file, please, write to me at

you’re welcome! The issue in doing a onepage game is that sometimes you cannot be as clear as much you want.

Let me know if you need more explaination!

Hi! Thank you for your comment!
Here are your answers:
1. You resist consequences. Consequences are, most of the time, related to the character's actions: a hunter does something that triggers an action roll, and by rolling the dice, the player obtains 1-5. So, there will be consequences, and the player (IF they still have the stamina) can try to resist (avoiding or reducing the consequences). Sometimes, an enemy action can push a character to face direct consequences: when a player ignores a danger. For example:
GM: The monster is trying to destroy the column inside the church. What do you do?
Hunter: I'm still trying to grab a treasure
GM: The monster break into two parts the supporting column and the floor falling. You suffer 2 Harms. Do you want to resist?

Please note: the GM should always telegraph dangers before they hit the characters. Trying to avoid danger triggers an action roll; only if the player ignores the danger, the danger becomes real, and they must face the consequences.

2. Stamina is regained after the eventual consequences of an action roll. If an action hasn't consequences, the stamina is regained immediately after the action itself. An action can cover more than a single "step" depending on the type of action and the "zoom" level the GM wants to use in the scene. For example:

* A single Action Roll can cover entry inside a temple, avoiding all enemies using a stealth approach.

* A single Action Roll can be a single blow against a gigantic monster (like a "boss fight").

Ohhhh grazie davvero per queste parole! Sono contento che l'isola ti sia piaciuta: era la prima volta che ne scrivevo una in questo modo (di solito usavo strutture più classiche, simili a quelle nel manuale del gioco), e mi sono divertito :D spero che vi divertiate anche voi quando la giocherete!

Grazie per il commento :)

Il contesto mediterraneo nasce dall'idea di usare i Colossi (che richiama il Colosso di Rodi, prima dei colossi di Shadow of the Colossus), ma in effetti è un po' nascosta come cosa.

Se ti capita di giocarla, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi!

Yes, I would use the same. But of course, it depends on the situation: one time a player wanted to use the firearm to intimidate a NPC, and we used Resolve.


Oh, thank you for supporting my game. I'm looking forward to your review! And if you contact me in private, I'll give you the pdf too!

Firearms, like any other item, can affect the fictional position. So, they can be used to kill enemies if that makes sense. Maybe some enemies are too fast to be hit by a bullet, and the GM will say it's a "risky/limited" position and the players need to use extra resources to have a major impact in the scene. But, yeah, firearms can definitely be used to hit enemies.

aw! Thank you


That could work. I'm taking note. Thank you!

You can use the same item from the bandolier multiple time until you have slots. The tools do not have consumable slots, but you can lose these items according to the fiction.

Ah, the corrupted hunter is an interesting idea. However, I'm not sure it can fit in every game - it's more a matter of taste. So, I agree there is room for a rule about the character's death, but I think we need a more "generic one," and if some players are happy with the idea of having a corrupted hunter, they have my blessing!

Yes of course. I’ll do it this evening. Thank you!

A third pamphlet, with extra stuff (like runes, arcane tools, and additional rules for the final battle) is on my to-do list, but I'm not sure when I will be able to complete it. I hope before the end of the year.

Really cool job!