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Matt Patrick Walsh

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Love the look of the art. Reminds me a lot of Downwell.

i really enjoyed the way dialogue was exchanged in this game. Very unique style. awesome job!

Love the star tiles and the look of the layered ocean. Really a beautiful aesthetic.

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The fact that I couldn't tell the difference between trash and food really hit the nail on the head for me with the issue you were presenting in the game. I played it through a few times. I really enjoyed it. Bravo.

Thank you! It was my first time using Bitsy. I got really sucked in!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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My name's Matt. I'm a video game composer and multi-instrumentalist working with Logic Pro (FM8, Massive, Komplete, etc). I have a diverse background as a guitarist/pianist/musical theatre composer.  I am currently looking to collaborate on projects with any developers working on new games in the long-term or for jams. I'm looking to expand my portfolio as a game composer.

Here is some of my material:

("Get Him!" Boss Theme)

("The Gate" World Exploration)

("Racing" F-Zero Style)

My entire SoundCloud profile is:


You can contact me at or DM me here!


You can contact me at or DM me here!