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Love this game. Made it to 68000 :)

Still enjoying the game! Another thought: it could be really nice if when the correct colour shows up, it would show the corresponding correct positions for the sliders, as well as where you placed them. You could see for example "oh, I picked a yellow-orange, but it was more of a red-orange."

I think this game could be really great for training colour intuition, and that kind of display could be better feedback than just the numbers.

It's really fun!! Some feedback:

- I consistently overestimated the brightness of colours, possibly because they flash against a dark background. A more "middle grey" background could maybe help players estimate better.

- it's nice how the sliders fade out while you're not touching them, but I think they could stay very slightly visible. I would often go to tweak the colour very slightly, but I had forgotten where the slider was and messed up my colour.

- the game froze (I think) after I completed the daily. Playing on mobile. Shows "10 of 10 84%" and a big 76% in the centre. Can't press quit.

This also happened to me! If it happened to anyone else and you still want to do the fight, go to "AppData/Local/natur/progress.ini" and change the line

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Finished it, loved it. Best part: frog, so satisfying

I was waiting for this, and I'm enjoying it so far! Just had a few issues that you might want to know about:

  • I couldn't install the game through the itch app
  • after losing my last bit of health by falling in the water, on the "you died" screen the cursor was still locked in the centre
  • after I leaving the stick bug area, I wasn't able to make the jump back from this little ledge. (maybe this isn't a bug, but I couldn't figure it out)

Keep up the great work <3

I loved it! Thankyou for making it

Thanks for playing, and for your nice comment!

Haha, thanks a lot! And congrats on your result for Droidvania, well deserved!

Great feedback, thanks!

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  • The shooting feels very satisfying
  • The art style with solid colors and black outlines is very nice.
  • The music is mostly pretty good.
  • The story is quite good and mysterious. I like how the characters speak so casually, it gives the game a unique voice.
  • Seeing friendly versions of the enemies in the town is a nice touch that builds the world.
  • The "!" icons for pits that you will die in (rather than go to another screen) really help.


  • The platforming doesn't feel that great, and especially the way the shooting interacts with it feels janky and isn't very fun. Needing to focus on aiming to help your jumping is a bit much IMO. It's a good idea though. Maybe it could be better with some changes.
  • The first music track has a constant ringing sound in it which is quite painful.
  • The level design is not great. A linear world where you have to run end-to-end every time you get a powerup is not what I look for in a Metroidvania.
  • I fell out of the world a few times. Once when going up the long wall on the left hand side, I was shooting to push myself against the wall when I switched screens and went through the wall. And once when I was descending that section, I jumped as far as I could to the right to try and get down faster, but I went off the right side of the screen and the screen change didn't trigger.
  • The instant respawn after falling in a pit makes it quite easy to die again straight away.

Overall though, nice job!

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I like the story setup and vibe! The music and sound effects are great. I loved the robot who wonders if "hammers aren't very good for fixing things", that made me laugh. The way the hammer charge is actually used to go back and solve previous puzzles (instead of just passing obstacles) is great.

Some areas for improvement:

  • Text speed is way too slow and unskippable.
  • Character movement feels too slow.
  • When you turn around, your character seems to change position slightly (and so does your collision box).
  • Control mapping is strange. I wanted to use the hammer with my right hand (moving with left) so I ended up with my hands overlapping.
  • It's strange how after the hammer charge fills all the way up, you actually have to hold it a bit longer to make it work. It should work as soon as the bar is full.
  • Using the rising platforms for a boost only seems to work if you jump right at the start of their rise, so you just have to guess when it will go, which doesn't feel satisfying. I would study the moving platforms in Celeste for an example of this feeling nice and consistent.
  • If you touch the spikes, it's very easy to lose all your health before you can do anything.
  • The game went to a black screen multiple times for me, so unfortunately I couldn't finish it.

Hope that doesn't feel too negative. Nice job!

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I think it has potential. Music and character art is nice.

Main suggestions:

  • You should put some screenshots on your game page! I had no idea what to expect until I booted it up.
  • Control mapping is pretty weird. I want to be able to use my abilities while moving, so I ended up with my hands crossed over, using A/D with left hand and Q/E/space with right hand.
  • When you flip gravity in the air, your momentum also flips and you go insanely fast. I would consider making it zero out your vertical speed, or using constant fall speed, same as VVVVVV, but that might be hard to make work with jumping.
  • The rooms feel larger than than they need to be. I think it could feel less sparse and easier to understand if they were smaller

Nice job!

Cool game! No need to be sorry about the length.

I like the atmosphere and the partner mechanic, both remind of Ico.

Camera controls are tight. The attack is a little strange, how it seems to sweep downwards without much range (though there isn't enough combat so far for that to actually get annoying).

I love the little details in the level design, like the bent bars.

The interior sections can be difficult to navigate due to the untextured walls and flat ambient light.

It would be good have some sort of voice or feedback when you press control to make your partner stay/follow. At one point when I was separated from her, I pressed a bunch of keys to see if they did anything, and ended up with her lost inside a building.

Overall, really fun and promising!

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Love it! Possibly my favourite jam entry.

Fun to explore. Looking out for the tiles you can pass through is fun and just subtle enough. Lots of powerups. The abilities are all really clever and a good fit for the game. The minimal jetpack gauge is great. The mini-challenges all make good use of your abilities. The level teaches you slowly about how to use the abilities before you need them for something really challenging. The way the boss combines use of bouncing bullets with the jetpack for a kind of bullet hell experience was really satisfying.

And I thought the way the small amount of text appears in the corner to tell a bit of a story was really classy and injected a lot of character.

The only points of criticism I have are that the music can get repetitive, and the platforming around spikes can sometimes feel a bit sloppy (maybe because of their collision size, or maybe because the jumping/hovering is not quite precise enough for some of the challenges).

Great job!

Cool game! It's pretty rough, but the setting and vibe are super interesting and diffusing into walls is great. To me it kinda switches the game between being a platformer and a top-down game, and you have to reinterpret the level in your head.

I love how open it is right from the start, how you can just wander in any direction and find something interesting. Reminds me of Zelda 1.

Some thoughts:

  • I think the game is a bit too unforgiving, and it wasn't clear when I hit a checkpoint that I would return to.
  • It's not clear which enemies can hurt you while you're in a wall. I couldn't figure it out and I always felt like I would randomly die.
  • The transition in/out of walls feels too slow. I think speeding it up a lot would improve the feel, and also prevent some of the times when you can't get out of the wall without being caught.

Overall, nice job!

Thanks a lot! Hopefully I'll be able to make more of it sometime.

:D Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

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Fun game! I like the setting and the vibe, the music especially. The controls are quite good. So is the level layout - I liked exploring and I liked how after I got the powerup it continued along the same path before looping back to the previous area. I made it to the end (assuming that's the gold floppy?)

Some suggestions:

  • The download is not marked as Windows, so installing through the itch app didn't work.
  • Some kind of feedback on enemy hits would go a long way. For the ones that take more than one hit, it's difficult to tell whether I hit them or not.
  • Attacking while jumping feels strange. It's kinda like it stops your jump half way, then gives you a little boost afterwards. I would expect the jump to continue the same whether you're attacking or not.
  • After I died, pressing R to return to save point didn't work.

Nice work!

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Cool visuals, music, setting and concept! I like it quite a bit and I felt immersed in the world, which was a little surprising for such a minimalist style.

I got the bounce but unfortunately wasn't able to finish the game. I was trying to move between two rooms where you flip back and forth, but there was an enemy right on the boundary which I couldn't avoid.

Some thoughts on things to improve (mainly control things):

  • The character takes quite a while to stop. Strangely this is not an issue on gamepad. Perhaps a result of using Unity's Input.GetAxis() (which uses smoothing) instead of Input.GetAxisRaw()?
  • It's hard to get your full jump height if you clip the wall before the top. If this wasn't intentional, it might help to create a PhysicsMaterial2D for the character / level and turn the friction to zero. (Just a hunch)
  • Variable height jump would be good, though there weren't actually any places in the game where I felt I needed it.
  • Making the controls always left/right made it more difficult for me (though in some ways it's fun). It was mostly an issue for me in the part where you fall back and forth between screens.
  • The idea of falling back and forth to gain momentum is kinda fun but also very unintuitive to me.
  • Returning to the beginning of the game after each hit felt a bit too punishing.

Sorry if that's a lot! It feels like the game has good potential!

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Hi! I got stuck. This is what I did (in case it helps):

  1. Started the game and immediately went left, ended up on the world map.
  2. Walked to another level (the one where you get the wrench).
  3. Got the wrench.
  4. Got one other thing, but I took it in a hurry because I was about to be attacked so I don't know what it said.
  5. Figured I couldn't get any further, so I went back to the map.
  6. Wasn't able to walk back to the first level. My character kept turning around.


Loved it! Controls, atmosphere and music are excellent. The morph ability is very versatile. I like how the fire before the boss is already lit so you don't have to choose.

Some suggestions:

  • The way the spear attack moves you forward isn't really useful and often gets you killed. One thing to try might be to always apply knockback on a successful hit to either the enemy (if it's small) or you (if it's large) so that you don't end up overlapping it.
  • Enemies being the same colour as their environment can make them hard to see, though it sometimes made me slow down and observe carefully, which could be good.
  • Might be good to start combining enemy types in the same room before the boss.