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if you have any more trouble stick an at gmail dot com to my username, email me, and i'll send you the working file.

The Mac version is basically just missing the audio files. I solved this by downloading the WINDOWS  version to my Mac, going into the folder and copying the sound files, then pasting them into the relevant folder on the Mac version. To do this I had to right click on the Cinco Paus file and 'open package content's then find the matching folder - on Mac it's 'contents' then 'resources' then 'data' then 'sound'. It worked for me! 

ah-hah, worked it out - the Mac version is missing the sound files for some reason, so downloaded the PC version and dropped them into the package from that (am I a computer programmer now).

Cinco Paus community · Created a new topic No sound on Mac

Hello, I just purchased and installed this game and am not hearing any sound or music...does anyone know if there's any way of fixing it? I'd run it in wine but Catalina doesn't support it...I'm running 10.15. Thanks very much!