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Crisp graphics, sweet animations, great controls and mechanics for hiding. Also very cool concept for main character and his quest for mushrooms. Top notch game.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I figured that out, so I created a little script that changes the desktop resolution to 800x600, runs the game and when I quit the game it brings back the native resolution. Little tricky, but it's good that this is possible. The game doesn't have big requiremments but my laptop has really crappy Intel GMA GPU that sucks at 3D acceleration, so the only way to make games run at decent framerate is lowering the resolution. Also iMac G3's native resolution was 800x600, so I get the accurate experience. ;D

I never played it back in the day, because I didn't have an access to Mac. Now I can play this cool game on Linux which is great.

I got only one question: Is it possible to change the resolution? The original on the Mac (I've found a manual online) had popup window at startup that allowed changing the video settings. Is it possible to change the resolution by editing some config file or maybe there's some launch option?

Nice lesson to people who said that Amiga couldn't do arcade/console perfect conversions.

I can confirm it works on Linux with Wine. I must say that I never liked old DOS games' looks, because of the color palette, especially because I was into Amiga, but I have to admit that this game looks really nice. Somebody has a great talent for pixel art and great knowledge how to use colors to make the atmophere. I'm seriously impressed.

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There are many similar collect 'em all platformers like this on Speccy, but I like the idea. Maybe adding something to the gameplay to make it more interesting like temporary invincibility etc would be a nice idea.

EDIT: I didn't know that full version was released. It's really cool. I love the pixel art,animated flies and the music. Responsive controls, so much better than Jet Set Willy. And the title picture is beautiful.

Awesome game. Really nice use of VIC20 graphics and sound. Pumpkid would be a super hit back in the day.

Great game. Simple but very effective graphics and sophisticated and tricky gameplay. This is an example of well designed game. I'm waiting for the full version of Tenebra 2.

Simple but addictive game. Graphics are beautiful.

Top notch game. Back in the day it would be a massive hit on 8-bit and even 16-bit machines. This is not a bad idea to port it to other retro computers like Speccy, CPC, C64, Atari 800, Sam Coupe, MS-DOS and even Amiga and Atari ST. 5 from me.

Another quality release. I appreciate that You make games for Genesis, but I'm waiting especially for games for 8-bit and 16-bit retro computers. You know how to push the hardware. The Tiny Dungeon for Speccy is the best example. Greetings from Poland. :)

Why do you want to play it in the browser? I recommend FBZX emulator. It's simple to use and works like a charm.

Outstanding game. We have enough of simplistic platformers on 8-bit machines. This is something that we were waiting for. Great graphics and well used Speccy color palette. Clean, crisp and just beautiful. RetroSouls are the future of indie gaming on retro computers.

Agree +1. The game is an example how to make beautiful 8-bit arcade fun. It would be awesome even on 16-bit machines like Amiga and Atari ST.

Top notch Lode Runner style game with limited digging. I dig it. Great job!

I'm pretty impressed with this game. Kind of metroidvania game on such a limited hardware. Too bad there's no jumping but still the graphics are fabulous for MSX. The intro and the manual are top notch. Amazing Work. :)

The cartdridge version is awesome.

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Imagine if C64 owners had Oyup and Pillars in the 90's when originals were released for SNES and Sega Genesis/MegaDrive. These are must play classic tile matching puzzle games. And these clones for C64 are top quality with great graphics and sound. lacks rating system for games and devs. I would like to give these games and Arlasoft *****/*****.

Edit: I just found that there's a rating system for the games. I'm rating Pillars and Oyup 5 stars... :P

This game is really something. I remember trying to play text adventures on my Amiga over 20 years ago and I sucked at it, mainly because my english wasn't good enough. I tried 'Hibernated 1' on almost all the emulators I have installed on Linux and in Linux terminal with Frotz. I have to admit that I'm very impressed with Your work. You made versions of the game for probably all the best retro computers out there. This is some serious contribution to the retro world and there's even the web browser version. WOW! 

I recommend playing this game on systems (real or emulated) that support 80 column mode like Sam Coupe with CP/M (ProDOS) or Linux terminal using Cool-Retro-Term, because green on black/phosphor fits the sci-fi atmosphere of the game.

This is how it looks in Linux terminal using Cool-Retro-Term and Frotz: