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This game is really something. I remember trying to play text adventures on my Amiga over 20 years ago and I sucked at it, mainly because my english wasn't good enough. I tried 'Hibernated 1' on almost all the emulators I have installed on Linux and in Linux terminal with Frotz. I have to admit that I'm very impressed with Your work. You made versions of the game for probably all the best retro computers out there. This is some serious contribution to the retro world and there's even the web browser version. WOW! 

I recommend playing this game on systems (real or emulated) that support 80 column mode like Sam Coupe with CP/M (ProDOS) or Linux terminal using Cool-Retro-Term, because green on black/phosphor fits the sci-fi atmosphere of the game.

This is how it looks in Linux terminal using Cool-Retro-Term and Frotz: