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Glad you liked it! I increased the resolution because I wanted to use it without going full-screen, I didn't thought about smaller resolutions. I reduced the resolution to 900x500.

Here's the link: I hope you like it :) In addition to your spritesheets, it should work with any other spritesheets

Nice! Thanks :)

It's possible that the second row clothes are messed up? For the 1, 3, and 4 rows it looks correct, but the second one not:

Thanks! I'm making a random character generator, I will share the link when I finish :)

Hey bro! First of all, nice asset pack, thanks for sharing it! I found a few problems:

  • The bottom left corner of the house tileset doesn't have a shadow at the top. I think it's an error because it looks wrong without it, and in the example images the shadow is there.

  • The pants.png file contains all the characters sprites (hairs, bodies, shadows...), not only the pants.

I didn't know it, thanks! According to the docs ( the pck file is smaller and faster than the embedded exe.

Anyway, if you want I can upload the embedded version too :)

Thanks! :D

Thanks! :) I don't know what happens with the controls, it works for me, remco fixed it opening the developing tools of his browser, you could try that. Also, it seems the desktop version controls work fine

Yeah, other people had problems with the problems too, I don't know what's the problem. It may be a bug of the Godot Engine... Thanks for playing :)

Hahah, very funny :D

Nice idea, it's very fun! :) To time to restart the game is too big and the tutorial is annoying after a few plays, but hey, for only 3.5 hours is very good.

Really? It works for me. Maybe the game is not focused, try clicking the game.

I made a series of videos of how to create a roguelike using the Godot Game Engine, this is the final result:

Thank you very much bro! Without your assets it would not have been possible

Thanks! :)

Click the download now button and in the emerging window click the second paragraph that says: "No thanks, just take me to the downloads"

Don't worry, you can play without paying

Firstly, the menu is very cool.

The game starts at a low speed, but suddenly the velocity goes from low to ultra-fast, without a gradual change. At this point, is impossible to control all of the godots.

The score multiplier is good when the speed is low, but when the speed changes to ultra-fast is impossible to maintain it.

The background isn't much Godot.

Don't get discouraged, you can improve the game. You can gradually increase the spawn speed and if you add a few particles when the big Godot eats it will be very cool.

What a fantastic game!

Thanks for the support

I can't open the game. I installed adove flash player but don't appear in my computer.

Funny. Great in all of the aspects.