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Interesting little game, it has a cool atmosphere - and I liked the story a lot. Great stuff!

Not a fan of the unskippable, 2 and a half minutes intro though (had to re-start the game because accidentally interacted with the bathroom carpet after the mirror talk and... not sure if I was dumb, but that made me stuck) - but that's just a small criticism.

I'm quite interested to see how your next project (Elation For The Wonder Box 6000) will turn out, looks pretty ambitious (hopefully not too much), but very promising. Good luck!

Cool! Planning to release any demo or beta builds?

This one completely fell under my radar so far - unfortunately, because I think it's actually pretty good. I especially enjoyed the part when the game suddenly ran out of levels and I was teleported to test areas. I don't know how intentional it was, but turned out to be a fun surprise to me at least.

I really like the atmosphere, but I couldn't make sense of the second puzzle. Any clues? Or even the solution? xD

Interestingly, I didn't intentionally make them look like birds, but basically everyone who played this game called them birdmen, or bird people. I liked it so much, even re-designed the characters in Through The Fragmentation to look more bird-ish : )

Very cute game, and the puzzles are pretty fun! One question (out of curiosity): did Sir Clops have an ability at any point of the development?

As I played the current version of the game, I realized the Space key (for starting a new round) doesn't work while you're playing the game. That is perfectly fine - since the player at least cannot accidentally reset their score -, but then it means there is only one context when the Space key has a function.

I think you can just show a "press Space to start a new round" message on the screen whenever the player can actually do that. Putting the key in the controls panel is a bit confusing, because it suggests, the key has a less context specific function.

Besides this, the improvements are cool 👍

Too bad the code base is just horrible. I think that's what especially convinced me I should focus on the next installment instead xD

It's a pretty cool Godot practice overall, so first of all - well done!

The problematic part is the upgrading system, it seems pretty unbalanced and confusing. As far as I can tell, sometimes it's hard or even impossible to tell if an upgrade makes any difference at all (upgraded the throwing star at least 4-5 times) - and some other times while an upgrade helps a lot at first (the damage multiplier), seemingly doesn't do anything later on.

If you ask me, it would be worth to have another look at the codes and re-balance the system, I suspect that with a minimal effort, the game could reach its potential and become a very-very fun idle game.

I'm glad to hear that! I often wonder how much the chance is that someone can randomly sumble upon it :D

Ah, by the way - perhaps consider leaving a review on Steam. I'm not entirely sure how its almighty algorithm works, but as far as I can tell the reviews help the game get recommended by the discovery queue. Previously a player has told me they found the game thanks to that (perhaps you too).

Either way, thanks for you feedback a lot! :) I genuinely hope one day you can enjoy the sequel as well.

Thanks a lot! :) Though I had to temporarily cancel the development of the "sequel", hopefully I can get back to work on it as soon as possible - we'll see. What I've already managed to put together is pretty exciting (most of my energies went into two city hub districts, but I was able to add some new gameplay features as well).

And they say there are no happy ends in real life :')

I hope you'll enjoy the full version as well, it's superior to the demo from 2019 in every way.

Considering it was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare, it's a pretty cool little game. I liked the atmosphere and the music a lot - though I encountered a quite annoying bug in the tool maker's shop. When I exit the building I usually got stuck in a loop and the game opened the tool maker's dialog outside the shop whenever I tried to press up for climbing ladders. I usually had to re-enter and exit the building again and again till it got magically fixed.

Besides this technical issue, nice work!

Cool! :) Show them the demo, perhaps (you can download it for free). There are a few slightly disturbing moments (and topics) in the game, but besides those it's completely non-violent. You can't kill anyone nor be died.

Interesting little game. I think this is probably the closest thing to what you get when you  cross Hellboy (demon-like main character), Mad Max (apocalyptic environment)  and The Mandalorian (fostering a non-human child).

While it's a bit too linear (the vast majority of the game is pressing a button to continue) - therefore it's rather an interactive, half-animated comic novel - as a debut project it certainly is pretty good and has some fun ideas! Right now it kinda feels like a project made for a game jam which would definitely be worth to expand. I hope you'll decide to do that. Keep it up! :)

Thanks : ) Yep, it was made using the Unity engine - not the most recent one though. I've used the 2018 LTS version, because that was the most stable one when I started to work on the game, and I felt skeptic about moving the project into a newer version in the middle of the development (as it turned out later on I was right about that).

Nope, I hate jumpscares with every cell of my body, so you don't have to worry about them while playing any of my current or future games :D

Based on the opinion of other players, the game has a rather relaxing atmosphere with melancholic undertones. Just be prepared to its occasional weirdness :)

I just released the game I have been working on for two and a half years - some of you may already played the demo meanwhile.

It's a relatively small scaled first person adventure game focusing on immersion and exploration. You can talk to the many strange characters, discover hidden areas and secrets, etc. Tasks are often optional or can be solved in different ways, so multiple playthroughs are pretty much recommended.

Here is the trailer:

The sprite work is pretty good so far :)

By the way, I haven't heard of PICO-8 before, so I had to check it out. Damn it's crazy, but seems like a lot of fun too!

Really interesting little game. I still couldn't finish it, but it often comes into my mind - mostly because I can hardly wait to see how the updated version will turn out. I wonder which aspects you're planning to change or improve. Keep it up! :)

Hey, FullThrough!

Thanks for the nice review and the walkthrough as well. The demo is pretty old (originally released in October, 2019), so it was great to see again how someone finds their way to the end. The last player I saw playing the game got stuck at the beginning :D

Hope that later on you can play the full version too, it has a tons of exciting additions. Thanks again, and keep up the videos! :)

Yes, the Steam demo is technically the same version you covered back in 2019. There is an updated version I shared with the beta testers though, but I intentionally want to keep as many surprises for the final version as possible. It's going to be pretty exciting :)

Hmm 🤔 Well, I'd definitely have needed a lot of help during the development, but right now I think spreading the word about the game may be the the best kind of help anyone can do... (?) If you have any friends who may be interested in the game, feel free to share it with them :)

But besides that if you're really serious, you can contact me, so we can figure it out for... dunno - possible future projects maybe(?) We'll see ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm looking for playing your game 'Adrian' later on anyway, so I can share my thoughts with you. If you have a Discord account, just add me there (Máté#9263).

Hey, thank you, dude! 🙏 Also it's really nice to see you here too 🙂

Thank you! I especially appreciate the fact that you created this account just for being able to tell me how much you enjoyed the game. It means a lot :)
Although the development definitely slowed down a lot recently (partly because I need to focus on my university studies), I keep working on it and try to finish the game as soon as possible. Of course the main priority is still the quality of the end product. I hope you'll like it :)

Stay tuned!

Oh, it definitely is! :)
The game obviously won't change the world or something, but I try to do my best and expand it into an enjoyable and satisfying game. The first one (The Hidden Fragmentation) was kinda half-baked here and there - which I try to avoid with this one. I guess we'll see how that turns out.

Hey, thanks for making a video about both of the Fragmentation games, man! : )

By the way I'm planning to leave a more detailed comment under your video.

Thanks! I probably should finally finish the game as soon as possible. Some players have been waiting for the final version since... last October (?) :D

Anyway thanks for playing the game! :)

Ah, yes! Thanks for posting the video here as well :)

After almost 1 whole year passed I finally uploaded the updated demo of my game called Through The Fragmentation. It's a first person adventure game - with a huge emphasis on exploration - set in a seemingly normal city with antropomorphic bird people. Also it shares lots of ideas with a previous game of mine from 2017 called The Hidden Fragmentation ( - so if you enjoyed that, you would definitely have a great time with this one.

The player's tasks are collecting items, talking with NPCs and trying to unfold the story in a completely non-linear and open environment.

I really do like the simplistic core idea and the colorful graphics as well. The only problem with the game is rather technical - the speed of the waves doesn't reset when the player dies.

Apart from this the game is super fun :)

I pretty much enjoyed it, well done! : ) Always lovely to see simple but nicely designed little games like this. I only had problems with the background music, which got a bit monotone after the first couple of minutes. By the way why did I get a Game Over screen? Because I haven't washed my hands? :'D

Hey, thanks for your comment, Rekedens! These kind of feedbacks help me the most  in the process of developing my games.

Hi, guys!

I've decided my game - called The Hidden Fragmentation - may worth a publication here too. I hope you'll like it!