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Oh, now I understand

Thank you for your feedback!

Ah yes, the OP nukes

The game is really repetitive but it's my first roguelite so yeah I may have to fix that

Tried to fix the zombie rotation, ended up breaking them, rolled back, tried again, same result

Also did you like the music and the SFX?

Thank you for the feedback!

Forgot to buff noise lol

Also zombies go to one chosen player for some reason (and they get increased health every floor)

Weapons and other objects (bombs and armors) are literally a one line dictionary, containing damage, speed, range, buffs, defense, etc.

The red bar is the health from the last spawned player (which doesn't always hold the camera) and the yellow bar is the stamina (to run, regenerates faster when crouching or standing still)

Idk if the zombie follow thingy can be called AI tho, never knew how to make those things.

The game was made with a mouse in mind, how can you play the game in a tablet? Is it some MacOS thing? or is it a Surface tablet?

That's probably why it crashed my Ubuntu. Oh wait...

Which jam are you currently in?

Thank you for your feedback!

This was not my first game, but my first game jam submission tho

I liked the jam a lot, I will probably do another one lol

Oh, have you checked your ad/popup blocker?

Or try downloading from the project page?

If that doesn't work, how can I send it to you?

Good Game!

Also there is a triple jump and wall climb so you can complete the game without gravity change lol

This was my first entry to a game jam btw

Nice game!

El repositorio de Github del juego se puede encontrar aquí

Esta versión incluye una gran mejora de optimización y reducción de dificultad.

Este juego se publicó en la version 1.0.0