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That's correct! The bestiaries are bound to the worldbooks so that monsters appropriate for each setting are packaged along with that setting. :] Worldbook coming v soon.

WHOOps yeah Heart of Light is supposed to be an Arklight talent.

Sorry this took so long! I uploaded a page-by-page format instead of spreads. Should be the third downloadable file in the list. :)

Updates are slow-going. I've had a fairly aggressive schedule with my KS project, MEGALOS, and a bunch of life junk going on that has slowed things down (moving to a new town, new job, Covid, etc.).

Originally I was hoping for a major update to this by July but *checks calendar* probably going to have to wait until after August. My plan is to include two new layouts of the book-- one just the "dark mode", one that's a lot closer to plaintext (white background w/ black lettering... will look similar to MEGALOS: NEW GAME, the free quickstart for MGLS found here). 

The layout was definitely one of those "looked cool in my head but is hard to actually 'use' in practice" things.

Update should also include a limited bestiary (stats for ~40 monsters and a few bosses is the goal) and hopefully 2-3 more classes (goals are Dark Knight, Dragoon, and either Scholar or Summoner)

Ohhhh! Yeah I'll see what I can do about that. I'm pretty sure it's in letter format right now, would you be needing A4 or something?

I thought I sent a reply, but apparently it didn't go through for some reason, so I'm sorry if this double-posts or something. X'D

I'm seriously considering cleaning up the bleeds, margins, etc. to make pages for a proper print run-- both as practice/familiarity w the print company's process before the full version is printed, and because it sounds like fun.

Probably going to wait until after MGLS:NG+ comes out, but I'm definitely looking at the possibilities of printing right now. I'll keep folks posted on that when I know more.

Thanks so much for the comment and I'm really glad you're enjoying it!

I've got a free add-on ("Customizing Superfantasy", which will have some optional rules and new resources for players and GMs) and some updates/rebalances to some of the core text coming soonish. Aiming for early July, as I'm moving, starting a new job, and finishing up a big hardcover game release, so this is admittedly coming behind those other things. 😂


So the original release is a d10-based system that I designed specifically for it, while Neology uses an adaptation of my game Superfantasy, which is based around d6 pools and creative/narrative use of power sets.

The Sword Saints: Neology files contain a book which is more or less just the rules, character options, and enemies, and a separate file containing the setting info. If you wanted a system designed for more flexible setting-building (i.e. as you suggested more high fantasy and less science fantasy), I'd venture to say Neology would probably be the better choice.

The original Sword Saints is more of a self-contained product, and the fact that Neology is split into two books could help you to separate out stuff you aren't as interested in with regards to the setting.

Also, Superfantasy is- as the name suggests- built for telling pop fantasy stories, and may be worth checking out as well.

Thank u Adrian that's too fucking nice 😭 <3

yep! Jam's not just for new work. Feel free. :)

That's so strange!! I just downloaded a fresh export and replaced the file on the store page just to be sure... Hopefully this one is correct?

Really appreciating that the tagline is "Gamers are the worst". It couldn't have been anything else.

Yep! I just swapped out the document with an updated version that finalized all the Pg. XX's to reference the correct page numbers.

Ah yeah, it's a little confusingly worded. It's -1% off, a "negative sale", so +10 cents. The reason for this is that in order to get the large goal tracker graphic, I had to set up a sale for it and itch wouldn't let me put it up as a sale of 0% off, so the next closest as a negative-sale of 1%.

Thank you for pointing that out! I'll see if I can get it fixed and uploaded this weekend.

I need more. Moar! MOAAAHHR! 

Excited to see this grow. :>

Worst case scenario I'll email a download code to people. X'D This wasn't as easy to do as I'd hoped and I don't want anyone to feel bad about having bought the pre-release version.

I'm away from home at the moment, but I'll be digging into ways to do that later tonight. The method I'd previously attempted wasn't working so I'll be trying to find a way to get it to people at a discount.