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mat toons maker

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i got softlocked at the star


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how a Corruption mechanic will work?

i want a sequel

中文 中文 中文 中文 一切皆有中文

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idea:so what about a room editor (advance start up) its pretty cool!.

you can create rooms for the tower.

for a example: you can create a nuclear laboratory with models and your creativity and layout builder you can build a huge to fire everysingle worker inside and defeat the ceo!.



will start up be in the full game

how to explode bombs?

also will you add the level editor to the final release

i have a weak pc

0/10 game keeps crashing

sorry bout hardcore to play

how to make warps?????????????????????

will there be a MAT mode? note:a mat mode is when everythings is unlock and no baldi?.

ok i want more themes first i  want bowser´s  castle theme so i want blocks,semisolids and more!.

next i want airship themes for sky worlds. i want it NOW!!

basically a horror game hiding in a youtube kids game buildin

im 12 so i cant enter the discord

game keeps breaking

game keeps crashing

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i got softlocked

wheres the social network download? it downloads only steam demo

all factory theme

mollaspe swap has 2 secrets but the info text saids it has 3!

then i will not buy it

first i checked the creator guide  andit sayed that has a script a little scrpiting work on the level editor and second it will be easier to have a ingame pixel art because i like that way because importing sprites will take forever to import

also add a sprite editor

yes but make it simple to avoid me raging  over codes and scripts

McPixel 3 community · Created a new topic level editor
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where is mcpixel 3´s level editor the og mcpixel has a level edior but you need to 100% chapter 1 to unlock it but is too complex to make a level (note that i dint play mcpixel 1 on pc only in mobile but the extras is replace the ending cutscene)soo.. add the level editor and make it simple with a pixel art maker

I HATE THIS GAME!!!!!! it has slippery controls,laggy gameplay,punishing level design and low chances to finding a 1 up! 0/10

add level editor

can you add a level editor please