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haha awesome! we're really happy you appreciate the difficulty! It might need a little bit of balance of course, but we're glad you enjoyed it so far!

Thank you! And I think there were a couple SNES games with a fireman as main hero, but still they deserve more starring roles, for sure!

glad you enjoyed it so far, hope you can try getting to the cyber-section next time! ;)

woow! great write-up, man! Nice to see you could appreciate the retro tropes, and understand that difficulty goes hand-in-hand with these types of games :D Hope you can get to see other sections of the game on future playthroughs.

Hey! thanks for the gameplay video, glad you liked it so much! Hopefully you can get further on a next gameplay!

woow thanks a lot!! great review, and positive energy is what we need the most! :D We'll check the gameplay video now!

1280x720 is the recommended resolution for windows!
You must change it in windows at the moment.

Great work on the video! Thanks a lot for trying the game, sorry for all the Rage! still, you did pretty well, and the next save room wasn't that far away :P

Is that so? Thanks! what do you like about it?

Thank you! We used mostly Clip Studio Paint, and Pyxel Edit!

Ah, we had no idea the client opened the .exe directly. We added the warning to the page and download window as well. The issue is, the game requires multiple key inputs simultaneously at certain times, and most keyboards don't support that. That's why a controller is required.

In any case, we're currently looking into keyboard support!


(1 edit)

Thank you man! how's it going? :D

Thanks a lot! Although the game does have save points, but they're not abundant. We tried to go for a harder, more retro style of game where going from one checkpoint to the next was a struggle! ;)

Sorry about the confusion! that requirement is in the README file!

You can send your feedback to! I'll put that up in the main page as well. Thanks for trying the game :)

Thanks for bumping the game to the homepage! and glad you liked how it looks :)

Hey everyone! We just released the demo for our game!

Titles like Megaman X, Castlevania, Street fighter, and Super Metroid, are the inspirations that drive us to create LVL99.
It includes a B-Movie feeling as well, because we just love that stuff! Gore, fantasy sci-fi, robots, aliens, and apocalyptic scenarios blend in perfectly with our vision for an action packed adventure, so in the end LVL99 AxeRage is a reflection of all the badass brutal stuff we enjoy, and we hope you can enjoy it as well!

The beta demo we have worked on should be around 60-90 minutes of intense action and adventure, fighting and discovery, and hopefully a time journey into the heart of retro platforming goodness.

The main character's design is just perfect! :D 

Love the graphics! characters look so good with so few pixels, really great work!