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criminally underrated. you have beautiful prose and fascinating characters.

is this still in development?

i'm absolutely addicted with this game! i found it a while back but it didn't download so i gave up on it, but i'm so glad i came back!! you never fail with these games!! my favorite is everett, he's an absolute heartthrob to me, and i hype SO much over him, which just means my taste in guys is bizarre. i also love jeremy, such a cutie!! i love this jerk squad :)

ohh, how's the visual novel version going??

omg, i didn't even think about the fact that that was Jeremy. his hairstyle was so familiar, but I just kept thinking of Cove. i guess he barely changed in personality but he really upgraded from that bowl cut.

Aha, I just realised that the Shiloh in this game is the one from XOXO droplets! now i feel kind of stupid because i've been playing xoxo droplets the entire day LOL keep up the good work!

This may be the biggest game I'm anticipating for 2020!! I played the demo a while back and I immediately adored it. GBPatch never ceases to amaze me!! Thank you for your hard work at such an amazing game, GBPatch!

omg, isn't 080 natalie? if yes, that's really cool! 

Oh I hope everything is alright! I loved Xenos so I'm glad to hear it's still up and running, thank you!!

hello! may i ask how progress is coming along?

if i may ask, how is progress coming along?


so i was wondering, since "Pretenders Guild" and "Guild Guild" are both voiced, is there any other name that's voiced?

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sad that the full game will cost money :( when will it release? and will there be any way for me to obtain the full release for free? but other than that, absolutely love the updated demo!