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Thank you for the suggestion! I've updated the page. :) 

I remember this visual novel very fondly! It was one of the first I translated into German. Let me know if you want me to update the translation as well, I would love to see it included in this release and I'd be happy to work on this again! :) 

“Since Midnight Chaos is a thank you to the fans of the series, I wanted to make it available who support the Sleepless Night series in some way. If you've created fan art, fan fiction, a translation of one of the games, or something else or have provided me with resources for the games and/or helped me with programming/art/testing, just send me a message and I'll send you a link to the full game. Of course, you can also create something new, it doesn't have to be super complex, just something small is good enough. I'll post fan art and other things on my website and link to a page of yours if you want.

No, it's just the demo. It will take a long time to finish this, because I have very limited free time to work on it. :(

But I will finish it some day! ;)