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Fantastic! You really nailed the tutorialization through level design, and everything about it was super clean and punchy, felt great to play!

now i feel bad... lol. Great example of how giving alternatives to violence can change how the player feels about the choices they make. (I believe Eric is actually working on a video essay atm on this very topic.)

lol, super effective. I hopped into the game before reading the description and took pride in doing the job perfectly. Was crushed when the message read, "a decent job" and made me not want to do it again. Great stuff :)

Congrats on making it into the video again this year! Even if it didn't make the official list, considering how many people were involved it's super impressive :)

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Super bizarre, and I love it :)

As always, your level design is super clever and your visuals + audio are super crisp. Fantastic job!

So good, I loved this! Oozing charm. I hope you won 1st place at LoJam ;)

Ya, totally! There's a whole bunch of things I hope I can add to the game someday. I just wanted to post a version that reflects what I got done during the Hackathon :)

Hot dang I'm bad at this game, lol. Super interesting though. You have a really superb grasp of how to make platformers feel good to play. No doubt that you'll be making the next Celeste or something ;)

Can't wait to see all the speed running videos of this game!

Excellent work yet again! Love how you naturally introduce and tutorialize new elements of the game :)

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Yo! Congrats on making it into the video ;)

Loved this, great job! :)

Great work Matt!