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Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed it! :3

Glad you liked it!

Nice Nice.

Super satisfying game

Thank ya!

Beat my High-score of 1840, I dare you.

Very well paced! Very nice art style. Simple idea, done very cleanly. Nice job!

Thank you!

Oh no I didn't mean it too seriously. Game's cool, but that sound at the beginning was very loud lol

So polished. Most gorgeous game i've seen yet.

my ears ;-; 

Dig it!

This games awesome! Well done. Great idea executed beautifully 

Noice Noice.

It feels  a little like a sandbox almost.

Love this game!

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It's like a frogger-snake hybrid. very cool!

Thank ya!

Adorable game. Love the different classes and the consistent cutesy art style. Nice job!

Beautifully abstract game. The audio is very fitting, except for the death/win sound effects. The music was perfect, but the sound effects in general were too sharp and loud. I think something a lot softer would blend with the style of the game better. Overall, nice job!

Super creative! I lost the boulder as well. Overall amazing game! Nice music and a cute art style. 

Gorgeous itch page too btw!

Thank you!

The art is pretty, but it's sometimes hard to tell where the slime can go and can't go. Some contrast between the pathways and the blocks I think would be super helpful! Overall, nice game!

Amazing Designs and Backgrounds! This game is gorgeous. Impressive programming and super cool idea! 

If there were music/audio, this game could be released on steam or something along those lines!

Amazing job.

Pretty good! Music is quite obnoxious though. And the art wasn't that crazy. Although, simple and cool mechanic! Easy to understand, and I got into it pretty fast. Maybe make the enemies weaker at the beginning that way the player feels as though they're making more progress at the beginning? Felt pretty slow. 

Overall, cool game!

Agreed. Very simple, yet fun! Not very original, and some sound and music would be very satisfying, but overall, cool game!

The sensor bit is perfect xD What a well executed idea. Nice!

Gorgeous! Nice job. All it needs is some music in my opinion and it could be one bad ass game! Very challenging, but in a good way.

Itch page is gorgeous too, nice job!

Wouh! Amazing art and programming! The sound is pretty nice too. Game is overall gorgeous. Good idea, and great execution! Some music would make this feel even more professional.

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Cool game! The aim is pretty wonky. Didn't follow the mouse. And if that was intentional, it was a bit mind-boggling since I could still see the mouse on the screen. 

Overall though, kickass music, nice consistent art style, and snazzy idea! Good job.

I don't know how to open the game.

I don't know how to download the game.

Good art, but I had no idea what to do...

Needs a tutorial :3

Nice art, but the controls were confusing and the goal was unclear. A tutorial would be super helpful!

Good effort :D

xD Love it. Cool idea!

This game's gorgeous! controls aren't too bad, but I don't feel like I have a lot of effect on the movement. So original, nice job!

Cool game!

won't load for me...?