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Thanks, we will release new demo soon, btw your game Iris & the giant is great too!i like it.

The problem was fixed.try new version.

new version has uploaded.thanks for the comment.

Thanks for the picture! i fixed it can try new version now.

is this debug appears after you encouter the monster?after you chose the fight option?

do you pressed some keyboards?or do something special?cause i can't figure it out what the problem is.i checked my code,the object oNewMapGen is definite created, it can't be wrong.

can i have your windows os info?or do you downloaded  and played the earlier version on your PC?or is your system language is not english?

i don't know man.but we will upload a new demo soon,so maybe you can try then..sorry it seems i can't fix it now.

sorry for that,but it works fine on my you try to close the game and restart?is the game always crash?

anyway i will check it out.


The company provides cloud storage and memory sales service -- save your memory, save your life.

* In 2088, the human world was already a world dominated by humans and various biochemical bionics, a world without any unnecessary emotional memories.

Memory that can be called humans can only be owned by the most primitive humans. The human being at the top of society can only obtain all the memories that can be generated to rule others, so he needs to have no extra emotional memories like those of the bionics. However, selling memory is a price to pay, and it is necessary to discard money equivalent to the memory capacity. Having someone else's memory will endure the pain of other people's memories, but at the same time get a lot of money. How will you store your memory?

How will you decide your life?

*Note: The brain capacity of memory storage is limited. You need to upload the memory to the cloud storage in time, otherwise the brain consumption will cause brain death.

哈哈哈 隐藏的很深

Cool cool cool~

Appreciate for this video!

And yes we are developers from China, thanks for play this game, we will make it more better.