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Okay, I've made a walkthrough video of this magnificent game on my low end laptop, there's some bugs and "very hurt" lags and stuttering for those who already luckily played the game with very good performance, in that video, I can't reach more than 35 FPS, it's occasionally dropped to 19-24 FPS even worse, so check it out.

as I expected somebody would say my laptop is garbage, that's fine, I'm not a wealthy people too. And its CPU is not Dual Core, it's Quad Core, I've already checked it on dxdiag

And the way I see your specs has Ryzen, which is sound even too powerful to me, I don't have much money to afford new laptops you know, I just hoping the dev. Optimize the game so that lower specs could run it, that is all, if the things aren't going even well, it's ok.

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I've tried v0.4, almost all settings are low, except effects and texture (because if those are low, the explosion effects will be squared lol), resolution 1024 x 768, and I've got around 16-24 FPS, unfortunately, there's still camera stuttering which pretty annoying (and it happened since Alpha 4 version).

This game should be optimized further, and running more smoothly, that's what I really hoped for.

Specs: Intel Core i3 4005U 1.7 GHz, RAM 8 GB, GPU Nvidia GT820M 2 GB.

Do your best buddy, because this is the most exciting jet fighter combat sim and it's very rare, I can't play many legendary ace combat games because my parents never allowed me to buy consoles, and this is what I really wanted, with some Ace Combat 6 mechanism and other Ace Combat titles, I'll looking forward to see what you can do in the future, 

Please reply buddy, I've got annoying bug that automatically disable HUD while I play the game with TPS camera and pressing the "look on enemy / change target" button, I'm using the v0.2.10a version, check out my specs on my previous comment, there's occassional stuttering on terrain even the enemy were stuttering too, my specs were too low, but I'm sure that you could optimize it to make low end pc user like me could play it smoothly.

Btw graphic settings is: everything low, clouds view distance 120, resolution 1024 x 768.

Can't wait for the full alpha ve

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As an Ace Combat fans and only ever played Ace Combat 3 and Ace Combat Assault Horizon, this is amazing one, much like Ace Combat 6.

But unfortunately it doesn't runs very good, well my specs is very bad: Intel Core i3 1.7 GHz, Nvidia GT820M 2 GB and RAM 8 GB, I got only around 19-27 FPS, and the worse thing is the stuttering around the ground scenery, please optimized it much more, since Unreal Engine 4 is a heavy game engine for such super low end PC like me. (tested version: v2.10)