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I've tried v0.4, almost all settings are low, except effects and texture (because if those are low, the explosion effects will be squared lol), resolution 1024 x 768, and I've got around 16-24 FPS, unfortunately, there's still camera stuttering which pretty annoying (and it happened since Alpha 4 version).

This game should be optimized further, and running more smoothly, that's what I really hoped for.

Specs: Intel Core i3 4005U 1.7 GHz, RAM 8 GB, GPU Nvidia GT820M 2 GB.


it's not the game it's your low specs 

you're on a garbage laptop. How on earth could you possibly say the game needs more optimization when you're running it on a DUAL CORE laptop? Come on man.  For an alpha it's VERY optimized, allow me to provide some proof with all settings as high as they go..  Ryzen 1600 + Vega 56. 

as I expected somebody would say my laptop is garbage, that's fine, I'm not a wealthy people too. And its CPU is not Dual Core, it's Quad Core, I've already checked it on dxdiag

And the way I see your specs has Ryzen, which is sound even too powerful to me, I don't have much money to afford new laptops you know, I just hoping the dev. Optimize the game so that lower specs could run it, that is all, if the things aren't going even well, it's ok.