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Yup! 5x it is. Makes the game a whole lot easier.

My fingers hurt. 7.8/10 too much water.

Discord names: TodesBrot, Walictor

Team name: WhaleBread

I can use D to move to the right, but I can't move to the left with A. I played the Windows x84 version.

Don't worry, two new participants are coming up soon! We are probably going to join the jam in two weeks! Man I'm excited about this, the previous themes were so uniquely random it's probably gonna be a pretty neat challenge to make a game for this jam.

You can manifest yourself again by pressing J when you're not inside any obstacles. And as a spirit, you can go through most obstacles. Including hills. Try moving around as a spirit at different heights.

When you spawn in the level, immediately kill yourself and float to the right end of the island.

You can jump up the floating island and shoot the lever from the top left of the island.

Have you tried killing yourself with J and floating to the island on the right?

Some levers can be activated twice.

Try downloading and running it again, I've updated it. The current build fixes a bug on some hardware so it might work for you, and now it should also always show an error message in case it crashes.

What operating system are you on? It only works on Windows 7+ right now.