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Great theme!

A topic by SpectralStar created Mar 17, 2017 Views: 158 Replies: 11
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Really like this theme and the procedural generation thing - and have my raw idea together now.

No, I mean it - I'm not just trying to psych the competition! :-)


Thank you!


This is interesting. Working on algorithms for the procedural content, and I have absolutely NO idea if the game is actually going to be fun to play when it's finished - and there won't be time to change it or tweak it much before the deadline! :-)


Then it all went horribly wrong ... :-D


Why? I like it! You did learn much from it as you said that you have never programmed using those technologies :)


I'm going to prolong the deadline for 2 hours, somebody asked for some time. If you are ok with it, then your game won't be alone there :P


Absolutely cool with me.


BTW, it's a shame not more people are joining. In my mind this is the perfect game jam format: short and creatively challenging. Really hope to see this grow into something bigger!


Thank you, I appreciate your words :) Yes, maybe someday it will be the greatest, ahah :)


Don't worry, two new participants are coming up soon! We are probably going to join the jam in two weeks! Man I'm excited about this, the previous themes were so uniquely random it's probably gonna be a pretty neat challenge to make a game for this jam.


Thank you for waiting, it was hardcoded in a few hours, though I had a lot of code written before :) But my game lacks optimization now, 30-40 fps on my PC, 2m triangles xD_) Nice Jam !

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2m is a solid number, ahah :) Thank you.