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I like the idea of having moving platforms that you need to pause in time so they don't go off-screen or below spikes. It also allows for some cool quick runs as you can stop the platforms offscreen, and maybe that could be an interesting idea for some of the levels. This is a good first game!

Ah come on now, don't say that your game is bad! I just played it and it is pretty good! Also a racing game could work well in a racing setting, thanks for the good idea!

There is one mechanic I forgot to mention in-game which is if your point streak goes above 100 the timeslow recharges wayy faster. I do agree though that I should have the slowdown usage take less per frame

Thanks! The goal was to make it hard to control so you would really have to get the hang of it or rely on the slowdown, but I might have needed to tweak some numbers to get it a little easier to control.

Amazing presentation and good concept but I don't see anything relating to the limitation, pausing. Also there should probably be some indication that time is passing so the player can feel like they are progressing and not that there is no end to criminals.

I'm getting a weird error for the unityplayer.dll file when trying to download the game, so I cannot play it. Can you try uploading the game again?

Is it the mouse buttons or just the general control over the car?

Fun, but the game had somewhat consistent lag spikes for me. It ended my run many times right near the end :( But maybe it's just my browser, considering no one else seems to have this problem.

This is really good. The only "complaint" I have is that I wish the cop's bodies would stay for a little bit and bullets would knock them back a bit so you can pull a JoJos and surround a cop with bullets in time stop, and the knock back would make it more satisfying. The other problem I encountered is that the money would become uncollectable which means you can no longer get all of the money or leave. I tried twice and both times it became impossible to win. If you fix that, the game would definitely be a 5 star enjoyment for me.

I like it, but the controls feel a little clunky. I think the biggest problem is either that you can't move diagonally, or that if you push a new direction the character won't turn until the other keys are unpressed. Also escape is a little out of the way to reach, maybe spacebar or shift for timestop could have worked better. Art and music are all good though! 

Fun, but I would have added either a point system or level count system so the player feels like they're progressing. The sound effects and music are good.

Which mountain? If it has fruit I've seen it but I don't think I saw this yet

Lol I collected all 192 fruits xd