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i will check, and let you know tomorrow. i will fix it. please check if you have internet while playing it, its a online game.

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no, its updates, you get all of them.

i understand jack, after steam version goes live, then will do a offline mode, where you one time connect to internet make your account, login and then from settings save your account information and when next time you start game and internet is not there, you can just play in offline mode without leaderboards and achivements.

hi jack , internet is required because game loads your player account data, leader-boards information and also the item information from our API server. that's KB in size . Now a days almost everyone who is downloading a game has a internet.

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that will make game so easy :)

you are playing alone in demo only, in full version on itch, or the steam launch (21 october), both have a option to play with at least 4 Bot friends, so you will not be alone then. and in future multiplayer Co-Op is to come for sure, where you can play with your friends in multiplayer against bots.

it requires internet at least on the start to load data from server, if it cant access internet due to internet is not available or disabled in firewall then game wont load.

hi benyboy, thanks for the review :)

yes wall shooting issue is there sometimes, going to fix it, however about many bots only shooting at you, is because what happens is that bots have teams or two, three or four, sometimes when you hit one of their friend, all remaining team members come to aid, and it looks like all of them are attacking you individually, while its the whole team attacking you.

in full version you also have options for playing with your own squad bots upto 4 members, they do the same for you :)

Thanks :)

Antarix is a sandbox survival space simulator game with base building features and mission system. Build bases, defend them from hostiles. Fight aliens, explore, conquer and trade in a large universe with many star systems.

we have released its Survival chapter (one mission) and its free :)