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tommy join our discord https://discord.gg/KctDVW

yes today i will upload

at least a week

work on new updates is being done, specially the doki island level, mac version will release with this update

no, its updates, you get all of them.

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hi featho, join our discord server here , talk directly to me, https://discord.gg/GzCXPak 

yes, we are pushing steam build, i think by sunday i will put a mac build on itch.io.

by end of next week.

i will put a mac copy for sure, dont know the range of support it will have.

Thanks, new update soon.

hi ivan, can you tell me your pc configuration and is possible a small video of it happening. in next 3 days a new patch is also coming. i will try to know what is happening and fix it for you if possible.

yes here are few features that are currently under work - 

1) Play with Friend Bots as squad

2) Better AI bots

3) Weapons Drops

4) Tank battle Royale.


and if all worked out fine, multiplayer for co-op Gameplay. you plus your friends against bots.

In next 1 month, as our mac testing systems are old.

i5 should give you good framerate, even 30 is good playable, might get 30-50, as it depends on what graphics settings you choose, and how many bots are alive, when bots keep dying framerate will increase :)

Game is more CPU requiring then GPU, we tested on a laptop with 4 GB RAM and GT 610 m and CPU is I-3, it gave around 25-30 FPS, and new version that is coming in next 2 days has one small map for performance plays too, so i think it should work as long as CPU is same or better than I-3

yes later.



thats the link :) and thanks for support. we indies need player support a lot.

hi, we have tested the game build here, it has no problems, check details here:


if you are having a CRC check failed on one file warning, ignore it.

yes i will do that, but right now game is on steam greenlight and we cant update it while its on greenlight. when the greenlight ends we will update the game with several new features and modes. check details on http://antariks.com we have lot in mind for the game.

game build is both 32 bit and 64 bit. so it will work on 32 bit i think. all systems we had were all 64 bit. and no its not creative mode, you have to work  hard to get things done, however death is not punishing means you die and instantly spawn in same place with package dropping on same place. so you can basically keep dying and playing :)

checking download from here, will message you here itself when checked.

Antarix is a sandbox survival space simulator game with base building features and mission system. Build bases, defend them from hostiles. Fight aliens, explore, conquer and trade in a large universe with many star systems.

we have released its Survival chapter (one mission) and its free :)