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Thank you!

The key is key... ;)

Fortune-499 community · Created a new topic Love the music!

I love the music in this. Is it available anywhere as separate files?

Loving this! I was a big fan of OFDP/OFDP2, and it's great to see a game take the concept further.

My only quibble with the PC version as it stands so far is the button mapping. I prefer playing with the face buttons on the XBox controller, and while it appears the X and B buttons are supported, the B button also pauses the game, so it's not really usable. (I'm aware the PC build is still in development, so I understand that there's going to be a few things like this.)

I'm still blown away by the sheer volume and variety of content you put in this game, especially given the dev tools of the time.

Nice! Now it's gone from too easy, to too hard. But that, I can live with. ;)

Really cool concept! I love the mood and aesthetic.

My only issue is that it's too easy to cheat by continuously tapping on the 16ths, since there's no penalty for extra taps (that I can tell).