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Awesome. Also, Teal Keiko is cute af.

At first look, I thought this might be style over substance. But then I discovered it's actually deep substance, just with an absolutely insane degree of style. The groove is mesmerizing, and makes the clever puzzles feel great to solve.

Oh, wow, thank you for that info. I would have never figured that out on my own. I assumed it just had specific upgrades enabled per level.

PUNKCAKE, this is a brilliant, quality game hampered by a couple unintuitive things in the UI. Please make an update to make things a little more clear, and let this beautiful game see it's full potential!

Fantastic game! Keeps the controls simple. Difficulty ramp is just right. Every death feels fair (I can see how I could have avoided it). Scaling multiplier really ups the "one more try" effect.

Wish the donate button let me choose a higher amount! I know I can do it multiple times, but it's annoying giving that extra cut to PayPal each time.

Great channel that does quality no-commentary plays of interesting indie games (and some of the better game jam entries).

Anyway, the play of Fossil Corner got me hooked, so now I'm here to buy it.

When getting the data for a game through the API (Itch.getGameData() in js, or directly from the user/game/data.json url), there is a "price" value, but no currency specified. It's impossible to tell if a "$" price is USD, CAD, or AUD.

Example: shows the price as $5.00 AUD, but just shows "price":"$5.00".

Is there a workaround for this? I'd rather not scrape html.

(The same issue is present for bundles, e.g.,

Ah, okay. I was guessing it was a full database (I actually mentioned that in a reply to your Reddit post

Playing all the way through was no effort at all since I found it relaxing and satisfying, and not at all frustrating. In fact, I played through it twice because I enjoyed the experience so much. And I'm not at all concerned that it didn't save the progress or stones.

I think it would be amazing if you expanded this out to a larger commercial game. This is honestly one of my favorite things I've ever played.

Okay, I absolutely love this game. Played through to the ending. Unlike some other comments, I didn't find it frustrating at all, because I just saw it as very chill. Some levels took me a lot of attempts, but I just relaxed and found it very satisfying as the topography of the level gradually filled in a bit more with each attempt.

When I go back and replay levels, why do all levels past 23 say "uncleared"? I've cleared all of them.

Really interesting concept!

I actually find it very philosophical as I play. It's like a visual metaphor of life; finding the best path by trying things yourself, while also learning from the lives of others (both the successes and failures). And it drives home the importance of failure, and how every success owes most of its credit to many failures.

It's strange how strongly philosophical I find it, since I'm assuming that wasn't your intent in the design, while with some other games that are intentionally designed as a metaphor just don't connect for me.

That would be amazing! I have an RP2 ordered, and the only thing that makes me sad about moving from the RG350 to the RP2 is losing tac08.

Really like this! Any chance of a download? I'd love to put this on my RG350.

Glad to hear that! I really wish my stomach could handle smooth locomotion, but it can't. Tried this for a few minutes on the Quest, and it was tremendous fun. Looking forward to being able to play for more than a few minutes!

One more game with a script error:

Is there a preferred place you'd like us to report games that don't work in tac08?

Yeah, I think the couple of cartridges I noticed it on were older (and it looked like the bad characters error), so that probably covers it all. Thank you so much for your work on this!

Nice! Thank you.

Majority of games work great, but I am occasionally stumbling on one that won't load as a PNG, but does as p8. One example:

Would it be helpful to let you know of any more? 

Thank you so much for all your hard work on this! PNG loading is awesome.

Awesome! No rush. I know development takes time. I always run into 100 unexpected issues any time I hit a new part of an API, file spec, etc.

We all really appreciate the app. It adds so much value to the RG350!

Thank you so much for this! I opted for $10 in the "Name your own price", because that's still a steal for this amazing app. Pico-8 is such a perfect fit for the RG350, and the games work beautifully. Really looking forward to the .png support in the next version!

Awesome! Thank you.

Fun stuff! I like it.

For the web version, I think it would help a lot to be able to use a key (like spacebar, or enter) to restart and to dismiss tutorial dialogs. It kind of breaks the flow to have to reach for the mouse to click each time.

Looking forward to the mobile version!

Thank you!

The key is key... ;)

Fortune-499 community · Created a new topic Love the music!

I love the music in this. Is it available anywhere as separate files?

Loving this! I was a big fan of OFDP/OFDP2, and it's great to see a game take the concept further.

My only quibble with the PC version as it stands so far is the button mapping. I prefer playing with the face buttons on the XBox controller, and while it appears the X and B buttons are supported, the B button also pauses the game, so it's not really usable. (I'm aware the PC build is still in development, so I understand that there's going to be a few things like this.)

I'm still blown away by the sheer volume and variety of content you put in this game, especially given the dev tools of the time.

Nice! Now it's gone from too easy, to too hard. But that, I can live with. ;)

Really cool concept! I love the mood and aesthetic.

My only issue is that it's too easy to cheat by continuously tapping on the 16ths, since there's no penalty for extra taps (that I can tell).