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Atmospheric lil game. Good first try on game making!

Nice idea, but left me confused: why I should go on and jump on platforms, as it's bit hard to not hit on spikes or bad fruits, when I can stay on ground and easily catch fruits and avoid bad fruits? Coin collecting seemed not enought motication to me.

Cute and heartwarming little story!

Interesting game, but I wish it had more content and depth!

Just like this! i think this is intentional? I was just confused first :D "why this new user button doesn't work????... oh....."

(ofc it can be planned but I was confused where I should click first)

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I did not know that game that looks innocent like this could go so under my skin, holy sheet I'm crying. It was how protagonist is same age than me and that chatting felt so familiar.

Only critique is that I needed to zoom out so I could see "mouse" cursor fully. Don't know is that problem from my or your side.

Cute, but constant fetch questions started to feel too similar. Not sure what else there could have been.

Really enjoyed this little game! Mouse sensitivity was uncomfortable and I did not find way to make it fullscreen, but it was fine little game story still. I have no idea was there some logic behind puzzles?

Oh, and if you ever decide to work on this, please note that when you chop off wood, some blocks usually fly to hill and can't be reached!

Interesting story, but it feels just like a start. This would be intersting to see as more polised version!

So cute, I can't handle! Only thing I wish for is better turning to back, so I could go check for secret I missed.

Hah, how cute. I wish there would be more of game tho. I will love my fruit picking robot forever <3

This was great little game! Well done!

Lovely lil visual novel. Did not fully stole my heart, but was well made and atmosphere was on point.

Liked this cute little game about insecurities, minus bit too much of walking in emptiness and bit too much "somone is in your way" - bit less of tose could worked as well. Also small idea to cave's final puzzle, where you look "icicles" for help. It was bit hard to know which size everything should be, especially 2nd from left (smallest) and 2nd from right.

Loved the idea of plot, but game play seemed bit frustraiting on that ground is falling apart part. What things I should find here? How many? Oh here is a clock fying on air, I quess I need to find other things floating in air. Ok there is keys. But where are other things? I don't find any other things. Oh now I fall trough the ground, need to try again. So clock and keys... oh a cat is one! So inot everything floats on air. But how many other things I need to find? What if I walk over this ledge? Oh no way back. Ang again, I'm going trough the ground.

Fun lil game, but also bit frustraiting. Also noticed that sometimes day disappears from upper left. Also pretty sure one time same person loan book named brownbears and came to loan it on same day again, and game did not alloed me to click rule of one copy.

Green arrow is hard to spot on daytime when background is blue-green, especially from bird eye perspective. Stopped from start when I just couldn't find my way to them. Idea is lovely, maybe making arrouw some other color and/or bigger could help?

Such a sweet little game!

Fun lil game, but in browser gets really laggy in level 7.