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Brrrrrr...  Good luck!  ^^

Thanks.  (hope it pass despite linking Paypal on the week.)

I received a payment end of last month, but just set the payout destination to PayPal today.  I know there is a delay from Itch to Paypal and from Paypal to me, but I wonder if there is a menu I missed to see where the money goes or at which state of processing it should be? 

Under payout, I saw

"Initiate new payout

You don't have any payments available for payout"

But on my creator dashboard in the payment tab it indicates I received one.

I seem to be really bad at searching topics on the forum and it seemed that the contact support was for my assets or setting my email.

This looks and sounds better by each new postings.

It shows.  ^^

I guess the community will be looking for more if they play also.

Hey, Sorry for the lateness but CONGRATULATION ^^

Oh wow seems NICE!

I should ponder about it ^^ LOL awww...  My bro have nice music all .MP3 but... I think it is easier to convert into .ogg but... well MV.  Yeah each time I open a new project it is already 1gig XD so something has to go LOL

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247MBs?  That is optimized MV!  :D

I wish I can be that efficient one day.