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Nice idea! And that only in one hour

Nice idea! Like the simplicity :)

I am looking forward to playing this game on a Mac in a (hopefully) not too distant future πŸ™‚

Thanks for you reply and you have absolute right! Many bugs and other stuff :) But we did it as one week jam project. We don't want to update is anymore

Like the beautiful mechanic and the nice art style. Great work :)

Nice assets! Where do you find them? Thanks for reply

Nice UI! Love it 

Great work! Are you available to work for hire as a freelancer? Maybe we can work together. Please write me!

Cool and crazy game! Love to see more. Congratulation! 

Ahh Tim! I waited to play the game and now it's only available for Windows??? :( Please add a Mac version of this game.

Supports that really MacOS? If I receive a steam key and can only play the steam version, on the page it's currently only Windows supported:

Thank you. It should be a bit challenging too ;)

no problem. I will test the Mac version If available πŸ˜‹

Please provide a Mac version for me :) That would be great. If you're using Unity it shouldn't be a big problem. Thanks!

Please.. Add a Restart button

Currently on mac the movement is not working. I can shoot and change the direction with the mouse, but no WASD movement is working. :(

I write him at facebook, but no response...