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Hey, thanks for the quick reply. Sure, I do understand and it is the ARG component that makes the game feel even more real so it has to be there. The fact that one of the mail states that you can access the internet with Ana is a bit misleading regarding the puzzle and it is also a bit unfortunate that it does not seem as if you can copy paste the required link which was a bit of a hassle tbh :) Thank you for letting me know about the renaming option. Used to short commands on PCs (especially in old adventure games) of course I tried commands like "rename" - it did not occure to me to actually speak to her ... again, really great work so far. I guess I will buy the transcendent edition... I simply need more cat pics :D

I have finished the prologue and liked it a lot. It felt so real and I am on the brink of buying the transcendent edition. However even though I like those ARG elements it is a bit sad that you won't be able to play the game without internet connection at all because of the game needing such connection - especially since one of the mails you'll receive literally stated that Anna can get into the net as well ... it is also mentioned that you can rename her which also was not possible.

Like I said, what happened with Neversong was clear. Someone else used a similar nickname and put the game in the list of those to be included. At this time there was an page available - so it was in fact to puchase on But I wasn't wondering what happened with this game since the publisher himself explained the error. I was more wondering about the other games I mentioned and at least in teh case of Johann Weiss I was able to talk with the dev and he did not understand why it has been removed as well.

Thank you. Fingers crossed that you will succeed in figuring this mystery out - maybe even bring the game back to the bundle.

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So if the removal wasn't your idea maybe you could ask the guys from to get it back into the bundle?

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It has come to my attention that along with Neversong (a game that obviously never was intended to be part of the bundle from the devs/publishers side) had removed several other games from said bundle and afaik without any explanation. The games I am talking about are:

Johann Weiss, Lily Seed, Haul and Invasion.

The person who told me about it also tried to contact to ask what happened but got ignored completely. So I won't even bother to try to contact support and instead will post this in public. Maybe somebody here has the answer what happened with those games (I already contacted the dev of Johann Weiss and asked him - answer is pending) or steps in and explains what happened. Legally one could consider it theft to take something away aftter purchasing (and in this case you cannot expect to download everything on the first day) but since this is a special case I might even accept that some games might have been included that never were intended to be included (not the case with Johann Weiss since I still could find the post which at least looks legit) however at least we should be given an explanation and a note that it happened and why it happened.

Since the game does not seem to be in the bundle anymore, could you please tell us what actually DID happen? The game Johann Weiss is also missing ( as is "Invasion" and "Haul". It is one thing if you have to remove games from the bundle after the purchase (really not nice and I guess also not legal but acceptable given the circumstances of this bundle). It is a completely different thing however not EXPLAINING why this had to happen. It feels as if the bundle content could lose games with every minute now. So an explanation would really be nice.

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Why has this been removed from the bundle for racial justice?

Thank you!

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Will there be another batch run? Some games that have been posted here before the deadline (like the great "Dry Drowning") have not yet been picked up.

Did you get my mail or do I have to send one again (maybe there's a problem receiving from this adress - I have others in case needed).

Found this in the Steam forum:
"hold shift while the game opens and you can change the resolution that way."
Hope it helps

Done :)

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That was a fast reply :)
There are tools with which I can implement key-rebinding myself .. so that's not a big issue .. just a bit unfortunate since the game seems to be quite nice. The missing languages is a different thing though ... is it difficult to bring the Steam build to DRM-free? DRM-free has become quite a thing today so that would be nice. I guess right now using the Steam version would be the only way to get these files?

How do I "reach out" here? I am quite new to (usually I am a GOG user).

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I can only turn on subtitles in English and Chinese in the DRM-free version. Also I noticed that the audio of the FMV is by far not loud enough (especially in the beginning) and a key rebinding function would be great. Also I never understood why somebody would want to use keyboard and mouse at the same time ... especially in a point and click. I really like the idea behind the game though.

Edit: It seems as if the DRM-free version is outdated since the Steam version does in fact list all those other languages. @SUPERSTRING: Could you please update the DRM-free version as well?

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Will Kiara ever be available again on The actual link is dead.