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A member registered Nov 04, 2019

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Beautiful game. 

Only problem is that posted native clients do not run on linux and even the html5 version do not run on linux via client but it runs in browser. As that are minor issues that can be repaired later. My overall rate is 5. As the game is nice playable enjoyable with many elements and as a game complete.

Game crashes on the Linux both native build and HTML build cannot be loaded do to errors. Although game is very nice when played in a browser I want to warn you that Linux build do not work.

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nice game but it crashes on linux when downloaded and installed via client. Native version crash.

Very fun game excellent music and nice idea of being a particles of light. 

Only sad that its short. You could always try to extend it by adding more game levels after the jam. :) Great way to treat lighting in game. :)

Interesting game played native on Linux it works. :) Glad you did it in last few minutes. :) 

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All bugs squashed. :) Its not easy but if you plan it can be done easy. Btw I like fps is not rate limited. :)

Very nice game although you could add option for losing and restart when you get in deadlock from trees and walls. Runs perfect on Linux.