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Very nice entry.

The premise was very entertaining, as was Buffet Knight.

The first ending was sweet, while the second ending was suitably hilarious.

Short, but fun and with a fun asthetic.

Finished the demo. It was a very exciting experience.

Very interesting premise.

The more you fight, the more skills you gain, and the more options you have to consider because some skills have negative effects.

It was a very introspective and somber experience, but I liked it.

I took another look at Boss 4, and the reason why I struggled so much is two-fold.

First, Boss 4 has a three-to-four hit combo where the last hit is unblockable, requiring an attack parry rather than a regular parry. But the thing is, there is very little room to figure out how many swings he is going to use, while Boss 5 will always use two axe swings before an unblockable attack.

In addition, Boss 5 has visual feedback when you successfully parry his third axe swing, while the feedback for parrying Boss 4's attack is present but far more subtle.

I think I know what you mean about Boss 3, with the close range jab that seems to required slightly quicker timing for counters.

I was found of Boss 5's reaction whenever you parried his special attack. On a side node, I'd like to mention that his ranged attack where he holds his sword up and summons projectiles has a change to glitch out where the projectiles spawn infinitely and he disappears from the level, requiring a level reset.

I'd be happy to see more bosses along with a Steam release.

It took a while, but I beat bosses 3, for and 5.

Boss 3 was tricky because his animations had to be countered with very accurate timing, so it was a bit of a struggle.

Boss 4 kept hitting me with an unblockable attack, and the tip about attacking instead of parrying didn't register until later, so I ending up blocking his dash attack, dashing, attacking twice, and then dashing away before he struck back. There was also a slight delay after his unblockable attack that allowed me to get some damage in.

Boss 5 honestly felt easier than Boss 4. All of his attack patterns had clean animations with clear windows for parrying and attacking (double sword slice, triple axe swing, overhead spin attack, quick dash), even the ranged attack (it was a deterrent for approaching at first, but even that can be parried for an opening). More importantly, his triple axe swing always used a special third hit, and it was very fun to attack during that last hit to gain another opening.

Overall, this was a very challenging and very fun game. I can certainly see the similarities to Hollow Knight.

I'd be interested in any projects you have in store after this one.

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Finally managed the beat the demo. Level 1 felt frustrating at first, but Level 2 showed me the benefits of parrying and pattern recognition. After that, Level 1 felt much easier... and I was thinking of trying the full game out.

Well, that was exciting. I had to build tall towers to each side while making sure they were wide enough to avoid tipping over.

Well, that was certainly a wild ride. I enjoyed the tale of Lunita, Maru, Amos, and Rain. 

I also became quite fond of the other characters for so many reason: Flayt and his Adventure Guide, Laundro's introduction, Buck and Moppin's banter, Scorchpion's reaction to losing his flame, Bouncer's indignation, Nova, Klieg, and Fluoros for their presence in Sundown Squad (plus their extra scene), Count Chroma for his genuinely intimating presence, Professor Tide for helping the part with science, and Astrid... for everything she did to protect her family.

I loved the unique mechanics as well, as the ability to change the phases of the moon adds quite a bit of nuance to the various battles. I also liked the option of skipping encounters after reaching a target level.

I know that this project is currently in limbo, but I would greatly like to see more of it in the future.

Interesting concept.

So, does the game end when you reach the scissors? I got the message about the parasite going berserk out of anger, and it left me with this screen.

Very nice game. I knew that something was going to happen based on the summary, but I was rather stunned by the twists.

I knew that something was up when the giant blob was too weak to fight the rival's giant dinosaur... and then it died.

I went along with the time travel thing, because why not.

My jaw dropped when my idea for the upgraded capture ball had that result, and the first ending was nice.

And I couldn't quite stop myself from smiling when you left a hint for that familiar easter egg.

Overall, a very fun journey that left me with many interesting thoughts.

Very nice game. I had a lot of fun playing it.

I noticed the tile pass issue that KV_Kingdom mentioned.

'Dark Schippie Dues' actually threw me for a bit, as I didn't know about the game jam until I looked it up.

Well. that was an interesting experience.

Very interesting concept.

Very nice game. The premise was rather unique. It was slightly uncomfortable to see Violet struggle against the enemies early on, but it made it very impactful when I found the sword and armor upgrades. I was also pleasantly surprised by the healing robot. The final boss was a bit surprising and I thought he'd be more difficult to take down, but overall, it was a fun experience.

I'd like to mention a minor bug I found. When you exit and re-enter the final room after beating the final boss, the roaring sound and boss music play even when the boss is dead.

Very interesting system. I can see that the limited plants you start with can't support a series of multiplying rabbits, and getting rid of the rabbits requires burning through resources.

Very nice game. Simple mechanics, yet solid execution.

Very nice! It was short, but exciting.

People really love Sans, don't they.

Very interesting.

Very interesting. It looks very nice, but there's not much you can do aside from jumping and gliding, which doesn't offer a lot of vertical mobility. Am I missing something?

Very nice demo! The story was very engaging, and the battle mechanics were very nice.

One thing I found was that Zero could walk onto a tile where there was a counter. I think there might be a small bug:

This could use a bit of polish, mechanics-wise, and it did feel rather difficult. But I really liked it! I can see that it was inspired by Titanfall's wall running.

Very nice!

Very nice! I... honestly should have expected that from the title alone.

Just finished the demo. It's a very nice concept. The opening was entertaining, and while I'm not the biggest fan of puzzles, I enjoyed taking the path through the sewers with the lockpick, torch and pickaxe as it was the first solution that came to mind.

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Very nice visual novel. I enjoyed the 'No Love' Route.

This was a very nice game. It's not particular complex, but it feels like a genuine arcade flight sim, comparable to  Ace Combat 1 and Ace Combat 2.


Very nice game! Got a score of 56. The mechanics felt more streamlined than in the earlier version.

Hm. I see.

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Well, I just bombed the first level. But hey, being in the 51st percentile isn't too bad, right?

Okay, I've found that spamming archers is a viable tactic. It's also better to have the cavalry wait until the last second before charging for maximum efficiency.

This game was very fun! I found that the best way to defend was by using cavalry charges and dragon fire to draw the enemy commander's attention so he'll stop resurrecting the undead. Makes sense.

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Hm. Is there only one main ending? I get the feeling that getting on the bus was supposed to be the 'easy' way out.

Relaxing and beautiful.

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This isn't the first time I've played this... but l was in the mood for it since the year of 2020 is finally over. What I like about this is that there's no big penalty for messing up the responses.

Conversations can meander. We stumble over what we want to say. We struggle to blurt things out in an attempt to avoid looking stupid. We even find ourselves struggling to say anything at all.

But that's life. It's messy, and mistakes are made all the time.

And that's okay.

Very nice.