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Thank you 🤗


I m working on engine and tools , all created with Purebasic, now for more than one year. My goal is to finish this project this year.  More than 17K lines of code....  I will release the (not final) source code with the final game compilation. So there will be room for those who much better in coding to improve, and for beginners, it can be motivation to try more than code fragments.

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This should not happen. I got very rare crashes . One time  a view seconds afer start. sometimes not.  I could play and finish the game so far, without any crashes.

but...its computer systems....

If you see a spider (enemy)  with the "three" star bonehead : this means your player char, the hero,   may be killed  by one attack of the spider/enemy.  this is because: the heroe's HP and Shield are not strong enough to  save the hero from this enemy, enemy attack. As the hero  gets stronger, you will find the spider will not show this symbol.

I've uploaded a new (stable)  archive.  

The  developement system is  Win10 64Bit, 16GB RAM, 4K Resolution.

Tested on:

Surface  Laptop Win 10, 8GB RAM. 

Some  "smaller"  computersytems with Win 10, 64Bit.

Hint: After you leave the castle, I  recommend to head  to the north. Visit the "Riddle Dungeon" . Try to  master Level 1 and 2 of the Dungeon.

You will face the first "Boss" and get the first Dragonflame.  But you will be short on keys to open the Dragontemple. So  go to the "Pit" in Swamptown and kill  the two

black Spiders to leave the Dungeon with one Key to open the Dragontemple and  ignite the first dragonfire.

Thank you for your support and  your feedback. :)

Thank you. 

I will look into the keyboard problem.  I had no troubles with different setups. Controller, keyboard, keyboard only.  

My target is to complete (main) work on this game this October. I need a release 🙈