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Foxhunt community · Created a new topic Is everything okay?

Hi - Hope you are alright and that progress on your creations will happen.
Let us know maybe?


Love  Foxhunt, and if you were to open pre-orders I'd be there buying as soon as I could.
I doubt I am the only one.

Just saw this and I was totally sure I had played and owned it - the look is just so distinctive. 
Has it ever been featured in any game bundle?

I'll wait for your inevitable inclusion in a bundle then.

I bought the game at $5.99
For that the page here said I got the game AND the OST

Now you have changed it and removed the OST from my purchase.


Will this be available on Itch as well as Steam?

Or just Steam?

"If you donated, then it depends on the amount since there is a threshold."

What is the threshold? This was not mentioned at all in your reddit posts.

"I will only hand out keys to supporters"
"Supporters will have the Steam version for free"

And what about those of us who donated _before_ the game had a price to support the game development? 

Please be crystal clear about your intentions.

And what I would like is the ability to download the version which _was_ here on Itch. Not the Steam demo, not any other demo. Just the code I already donated for. I don't see how that is being unreasonable.  

Ever bought a game on Steam? Regardless of what the game developer or publisher do Steam will allow you to download what you paid for even after it has been removed from sale. That is the correct behaviour. That is what I expect all Itch coders to do. Just taking away what has been purchased with zero warning and no way to get it back is - IMO - very wrong.

I bought Project Hedra here. Do I get a Steam key?

I bought Project Hedra here. I'd like the download please.