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it works well, and looks good

You know you're onto something when people complain that it's free. I sent a few bucks your way and look forward to your next games, especially if you were to document the creation process of these too, the devlog was quite nice to watch.

Thanks. I already have that, guess it comes with Photoshop ^^

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I got them in the BLM bundle and I really like them. in fact, here are a few I added so far:

genre: card game, platformer, casual, survival, twin stick shooter, rpg, beat them up,fps, strategy, puzzler, adventure

mechanic: ragdoll physics, stealth, mutually exclusive decisions, item durability, random events, environment control, no basic attacks, health is money, diegetic only UI, crime system, permadeath, fast movement

environment: small city, space, other planet, a metropolis, frozen wasteland, forest, antiquity, castle

style: photo, vibrant, old 3D, voxel, limited palette, 1 bit, extra juicy, realistic, vector, bleak, cartoon, silouhette

wildcard : running gag, environmental hasard, weak point, silent protagonist, quiet day, cozy, sense of urgency, several endings, short play session, tea/coffee available, ALL the money

I'll make other ones, by the way, can you tell me which font and settings you used, so that mine don't stick out too much?

PADager community · Created a new topic Thank you

that's just genius!

Alors, j'aime bien, mais j'aimerais sans doute mieux si j'arrivais à faire marcher les boutons d'attaque, même si le plus souvent, il y a moyen de forcer les ennemis à rester dans les pièges ^^

And I thought I was a madman for making my dungeon crawler with a 64x64 spritesheet... Congratulations ^^

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actually, we didn't have enough time to implement it (we just, and I mean just finished the global game jam, during which we made it). also, the music bug was actually found when you use the door then go back (it loads a second audio manager, I guess?). it was one line of code, but we already compiled the stuff, and we had too little time to redo all for tweaking a single line of code. that's just not something you can afford to do in a jam ^^. But I believe the development should continue for a while, if you're interested (can't promise it because I didn't code it, though, but it seems that's where we're headed). And of course, thanks for checking the game out ^^